Newcomer festival egg 2022

Hey guys I’m an old player revisiting the game. Will Delugazar or Novadrake be featured in newcomer festival? I’m on Day 3 and thus far I’ve seen statis, Inferni & beetle. If either of them are then I’ll save my ingredients for them instead of evolving my nox. Also, if anyone knows the entire list of newcomer featured legends that would be great. Any help is appreciated. Happy collecting!

Im not sure sorry, but neither of them are anywhere near as good as they used to be, so try not to put all your hopes on them :blush:

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Oh no not my bois T_T

Welp, guess I’ll have to get new favourites lol.

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Save your money for nebel or cosmo they got huge buffs

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Newcomers banners

Day 1 : Cynthia and staticsphere
Day 2 : Botan-Douji and Infericorn
Day 3 : F.D. Maeve and Beetlebrute
Day 4 : Sivanna and Kattmmander
Day 5 : Berry and Bloomeluga
Day 6 : Gremoris and Delugazar
Day 7 : Azida and Runedragon
Day 8 : Haneri and Tenebris
Day 9 : Momo and Angelion
Day 10 : Christine and Torazou
Day 11 : Nikki and Sephileon
Day 12 : Lemon and dracorosa
Day 13 : Lucifelle and novadrake
Day 14 : Fiona and Glaciaron
Day 15 : Lime and Tricranium


Novadrake is still a win condition. Delugazar has indeed fallen off because he can’t hide behind protectors anymore.


Thanks a lot guys. Since I was focusing more on pve to get them gems I was tryna get Delug but yea guess save for better mons.

I agree with Exu. Nova is still good so probably worth a roll, just not as good as it used to be. Delugazar is too weak and easy to target now.

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There are quite a lot of reasons that make Nova the best choice from newcomers banner .

  1. U get a free Aoe fl that will get u a lot of easy wins in lower PvP matches .
  2. A lot of story modes can be easily cleared with stun lock Nova in mid , Nova aoe at a very fast rate .
  3. The materials needed for both SS and evolution are pretty easy .
  4. The most important reason for me is he gets featured in DAY 13 , u can easily collect over 240+ gems till day 13 and increase ur chances of getting him .
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Alrighty nova it is. Thanks to the fortune shrine, I got a good amount of gems. Is there a festival coming up soon?

Not sure but anniversary is in October and that will be big.

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Ohh yea forgot about anniversary. I hope RNG god’s bless us all during then :pray::pray::pray:

Thanks Prem for the newcomer eggs

I think it gt changed now after anniv wait i will confirm and tell u :muscle:.
Just asked is same till day 6