Newcomer festival best featured

Hey guys what’s the best featured legendary in newcomer festival?? Last time I remember Nova being the best option. Not sure if anything has changed since then. Any input would be helpful.

Novadrake is still top tier for any account!


Nova and Angel

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Awesome!! I’ll save my gems for them then. Thanks guys!!

Hey guys update!! I tried rolling for angel in the newcomer and got Momo instead. Should I keep going for Angel? I got 100 gems right now. Not sure if I should save for Nova :thinking:

How about saving 500 gems for the shrine? That’s my recommendation.


Don’t I’d say

Lol alright I’ll save up then. Good thing I got Momo & ankou at least :relieved:


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No Momo is actually better than Angel
Save your gems and roll for something good instead im future. Although the Festival Banner and Trimaegus banners are good

Ankhou pretty good for story missions and early PvP (even better than momo in some cases), keep him in fl