New UC Toxic Killer Monster

Hey, what does everyone think? I personally am really not sure about this. I think it definitely brings a balance, but I’m not sure if this is going to make strategies less strategic and more just, put in the monster and hope for the best. I guess it’ll help make other players like me be more competitive, though :slight_smile:

Yet another fire type

New food for sleep team.

Still banedragon food.

LOL banedragon can still double poison eater. Unless, the toxic killer mon goes before it :smiley:

Roaring entrance is much better than poison immune.

Another rubbish was born right now.

This guy can prevent poison massacre though

It doesn’t matter, whoever gets the TT first will probably win anyway.

They should make a legend with chrono killer
That is also a GT or TT

Just realize that poisoners are useless except in pvp. Now devs introduce toxic killer.

Only if it’s a legend TT, cuz now everyone’s using the turn killer to take out Zephy and Alpha :frowning: I don’t have a leg TT :frowning: