Oke so what is allowed/not allowed to use in pvp?

We are going to hold the little cup tournament probably in a week or so but the system seems to act weird towards some of the arcadions.

In pvp I am able to use my lv1 snorkling, spark, arky, puffor ,dullahkid.

But for some reason I cant use things like sqaulfox bluechik and smokepup!?

How does the system for pvp work?


like what is or not allowed and why is it like that?

You can’t use the same Arks from the same family.  For instance I can’t use an Ashie if I use a Pyrowyrm.

Alright so why Cant I use sqaulfox bluechick and smokepup whilst not having there evolved forms already?

I figured it out this topic may be deleted if posible

I sent the admin a message asking if this feature CAN be made possible for the tournament to advance.

What feature exactly?  

EDIT:  Ok, I read your thread to understand.  I would PM admin if I were you.  But this likely would not happen any time soon. As in…the update after this next one at the earliest.  But I could be wrong.