New phone :(

So I got a new phone and I was wondering if there was anyway I could get the progress from my old phone back on this one?! Someone please have good news for me!! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, since the game is not server-based, the savefile doesn’t stick with your GC ID.

I don’t know if maybe restoring your phone from a backup of your old one would do it? If that doesn’t work, I hope there is a way for you! :slight_smile:

Yep there is, if both devices are on the Same IOS then it works by using iCloud .

Make a back-up with iCloud and then through the other phone restore the back-up

Only problem is I traded in my other phone and I don’t think I had backed up to the cloud in awhile! :frowning:

Well, it sounds like your progress will be set back to whenever your phone last backed up to iCloud. Hopefully you haven’t lost too much but you won’t know until you try :slight_smile:

Honestly the story was fun enough and I only had about 20k diamonds in PvP so I might just start over!! Nothing like more hours of repeated grinding!

Ur iPhone makes automatic back-ups whenever u put it in the charger but only if u have the iCloud thing on

And then how would I go about restoring this phone to the most recent iCloud back up? Plug it in to iTunes?

No go to icloud and click restore backup

I must have never turned iCloud on to the last phone… It says last back up was never

Then ur doomed to start over

Sorry Whaywar.  Hopefully this will caution other players to back up their data BEFORE trading in their phone for a new one. 

I’m guessing you lost a LOT of data on your phone if you weren’t restoring anything from a backup.  And not just this game.

So I found out I do have a back up on iCloud. But how do I download that back up to this new phone?! Sorry if this seems more like it should belong on an apple forum FAQ lol