New Device

Hello all,

I have literally just got Arky for 101 Arkadions. I have been playing on my iPad (original) which is becoming more obsolete as every day passes. It is particularly annoying that I can’t do any PvP stuff. I have just ordered a new iPad. Is there any way at all to transfer the save file from one to the other? I know there is something in the FAQ but was also sure I had seen a post saying it was actually doable by backing up to icloud and then restoring to the device?



That’s what you need to do. Back your device up to iCloud, or back it up to iTunes on your computer. Then restore that backup onto the new device.

Perfect thanks so much!

What about from iPhone to iPad?

Same thing.

But if you play on both, they won’t synchronize your progress after the retore… You’re basically just copying your game on another device so keep that in mind :wink: