SO I BOUGHT A NEW IPHONE 5s today, and re-installed the app to my phone, and my Game Center info is all current with my Original account, but once I opened the app I was greeted with a new game and can’t recover my old one to the app, even though game enter shows my progress of my account “TommyPicklesIAm” correctly…PLS FIX THIS SO I CAN AY ON MY MEW PHONE WITH MY ACTUAL ORIGINAL ACCOUNT :frowning: im a bit disappointed that gamecenter, like it does with other apps, re-opened where I left off…:’(

Sincerely, TommyPicklesIAm

Sorry, but at the moment the accounts are bound per device, until icloud save is enabled, you cannot move it over.

They did it this way so you could play offline as well as online.

I’m sorry you can’t recover your file 

Very unhappy considering I paid not only for the game but in-game purchases as well, and can’t play the account I built up…48% monster completion…gone…awesome…

Sorry, you will just have to play on your old device, at least until icloud save gets implemented.

Traded it In for the 5s :confused:

I think Jason PM’d You with some help, do not go spreading that information please.

you can back up your entire device on icloud and trasfer it over to your new phone!

time to figure out how to use icloud!