New Mythics for SEs

With the advent of F.D Maeve being so popular, how long is it before we get Mythics that represent/work with other faction SE monsters? How about Thlugs, Gummy Dragons, Elfin Dragons, even the P.G monsters?

There is already a thread for Monster designs, but let’s make this a thread specifically talking about and imagining depictions for Legendary/Mythic headliners for these groups of monsters and see what we can come up with! For example:

Thlug Chad
Mythic/Legendary, doesn’t really matter
Stats: higher than normal Thlugs with 40% speed
Tholid (we know what this degenerate nonsense is)
Thuperiority (double defense while you have 2 or more friendly Thlug monsters)
Active Skills:
Theast (same as all Thlugs)
Tholidify - 60tu - targets one friendly monster. That monster gains the passive ability “Tholid” and is treated as a “Thlug” monster for any active/passive abilities that require it.
Thluggish Might - 130tu - attack all move that gains power depending on the number of Thlug monsters you have (like an assisted move). Ignores Hold Ground and Shield.
Thlight Problem - 100tu - Target one enemy. Repulses the target to nedt in enemy reinforcements and leaves a random Thlug monster in it’s place.
Secret Skill:Thlug Thupremethy - 50tu - sacrifice one Thlug monster on the battlefield (you or your opponent) to fully heal and apply Stealth and a Shield to all Thlug monsters you control.

Seems stupid yeah? So is Maeve, but here we are. What can y’all come up with?

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Thlugs unlike ■■■, duplicates for them isn’t so bad so I would like to see big mama thlug create more thlugs like posiedon or maeve. I really like maeve and posiedon so I highly support this.

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I would like a PG king

name: PG kingstanpid

active skills:

  • double piercing mortar of hell tracer 85 tu
  • double carnage 110 tu
  • general PG loading 136 tu: this skill loads a mortar on all PG on the battlefield
  • powerful recovery mortar 42 (3): this skill heals all monsters on the field, purifies and applies a shield. can only be used if you have two other PGs other than kingstanpid

SS: PG loading instantaneous ex: this skill decreases the skills of all PG by 30%

passive skills
double cannon: this monster can have two mortar charges at the same time

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Powerful canonique of King PG: If there is another pg, on the battlefield, this monster wins, immunity has stunning, 50% of boost of attack and defense, this monster can have two mortar loaded at the same time, and every one PG dies and it is on the battlefield he rises it once with all the PV
hp : 5230
ATK : 5730
def 5500
speed : 80

here’s another passive I thought of; but he seems way too Op to me with that

We need P.G. Obamid.


this should be unique passive called throne of P.G. that says “as long as there are two or more PG on the battlefield, this monster gains Hold Ground and stun insulator”

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“As long as there are two or more friendly PG on the field, P. G. moves can be used without having to load.”

That would be a better passive than double cannon but that would break some of PGs, they are super fast with insanely nice skillset so…

I want a CW mythic

I got no chance of making a moveset or stuffs

But i would like to see something that makes CWs great again


I don’t think I like more monsters of that style, the ones that exist are already very easy to assemble and strong


not this.

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was thinking that there could be a Mythic “power couple” for the Gummy Dragons. a king and a queen that are best if put together.

for example -

Gummy Queen Passive - GD Distraction -
While this monster is on the field no moves can be redirected from protectors. (anti focus/true hit) (is only active if a friendly gummy King AND a vanillawhelp are present)

the Queen should also have a move to swap allies for Vanillawhelps.

Gummy King Passive - GD Inspiration - While this Monster is on the field all gummy dragons have Overwatch permanently applied. (is only active if A GD Queen AND a Gummy Dragon are present)

The Gummy King should be able to swap allies for Gummy dragons.

Either the King or the Queen should be able to GD Give Turn (with either a GD or a Vanillawhelp present). The other should be able to GD Stealth all (stealthing all GDs if a Vanillawhelp is present)
The queen should be Sleep immune (because she can summon purifiers) and the King Should have Mark Immunity.

The GDs biggest Weakness is Gravity Field. i suggest one of them Having an “Anti-Gravity” move that deals Piercing Critical Damage to Gravity Field monsters and medium Damage to regular ones.


They are great, u just don’t know how to use, and @INA-Archer and I are the best users of CW but we are tired of that playstile, need to kill way to much of our monsters

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Yes U right, They are still great . I am always use them If some meta FL is too tanky. They are best option.
Anyway Don’t forget about Shikaotoko he also get top 10 with cw :laughing:


I want a king of robots mons , or dmeons

You bring up the Gravity Field issue, maybe have one of them have the Passive “Gummy Field”, where whenever a Gummy Dragon monster is hit by a single target attack, it is repulsed back and replaced with a Vannilawhelp, and have this passive ignore other passives such as Gravity Field and Unmovable.

He did?

Yes. With jackolene Bastia and sakuralisk I think. He upload it on yt

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yes! u r right!