New monster??

So I was doing Dungeon challenge and I saw this monster. Has anyone else seen it before?

Spotted before in the last UC. Here are the screenshots:

There was a thread about it back then. To summarise… People panicked that it might be overpowered with the double piercing blow but then I was able to analyse it with Unown’s video and made this post. It should answer any questions about it:

Okay guys, no need to panic! This first option is already the case.

Thanks to Unown’s video in another thread I was able to work out the damage from Infernicorn’s double piercing blow. I estimated 4000 but double piercing blow is weaker (factor of 0.3 rather than 0.35). Hence, the damage will actually be 3420. This is exactly what I thought would be balanced and attack boost brings that up to 4275.

Infernicorn will still be able to one-shot all SEs but no legendaries (without attack boost). Hence, unless enemies are hurt, Infernicorn will probably want to use attack boost when it enters and won’t be quite as deadly as the 94% speed suggests.

Also, in case you’re wondering about recoil. On Piercing Blow the recoil is 50%, so two kills will make you die (as anyone knows who’s used Archaeoceros). On Double Piercing Blow the recoil is 40%, so two kills with Infernicorn will likely leave it on very low health. Dealing 9000+ damage will kill it. Therefore, it can JUST survive attacking any two (unbuffed) monsters but will typically be left with very low health after its first use of Double Piercing Blow.

I now understand why there’s a shield on this monster! It gives Infernicorn a little space to use attack boost first and to still have enough health to survive after doing an attack (compared to hold ground which would mean it could be attacked once then will kill itself as it attacks). Link will be very important for this monster in order to do much. Otherwise it will just give a good trade and remove itself from the field (still decent, but that’s the most it could do in those cases).

News, this guy has been nerfed

Lol, if link bloodbite has become raw bloodthirst I will die of laughter!


where tf is the raw move? devs? attack boost is too overpowered, it should be RAW attack boost i mean comon

Yeah, I saw that one too in the DC and also a new? 5 star dark protector that looked something like a bat. Came in with shield entrance. Anyone got any infos on that one?

i think that pretty much everyone has seen that thing, very powerful

It’s been nerfed , don’t worry. It’s perfectly good now.

I was just messing arround haha but good to know!

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