New mon (Leo)


Sorry if not all images are great I just used these screenshots I took

how exactly do you get him? what are the Missions? and when will he be avaliable to us???

Its in rookie mission.
Btw where is the achievement option now?
They replace achievement option to rookie mission

It returns when you complete rookie missions. Cus not many rookies can get many achievements anyway outside if story

What are Rookie Missions?

Found him, so we can’t get achievemnts anymore?

what are rookie missions. can anyone explain

Rookie missions are extra rewards for super basic stuff. Restart your app and you may need to update. Rookie missions button will replace achievements button until you complete them all.

Basically you will need to go back and replay some really basic stuff and then claim a really good prize.

For instance, completing one random side mission, even the easiest one, let’s you get a rate gem.

Its pretty cool.

just did. amazing concept. like the new monsters. since i havent UE him yet is he worth using instead the se protectors

Not as fast (he has pure cure instead of purify which is 130s) but better at staying alive

Also no stealth

160sec for pure cure :crazy_face::grin:

Does he vae HG at 2nd form?

wonder when this will be back?? Also when is the next Balancion Trial

Perfect monster for my troll team, thanks devs :smiling_imp:

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Hold ground only in the final form.

I’m not too sure about it, same as what you guys sound like. Pure cure 160TU is very slow (why slower than Balancion??) and no stealth teammate.

The only reason I can see for using it over the standard SE protectors is for if it gets knocked back so can’t use protect again then it has a damage move to stop your opponent simply leaving it alone forever. I guess in PvE it can skip the whole time to get a heal in when it gets put to hold ground, which is useful.

Mostly I feel like this new monster is for new players that won’t have a standard SE protector for a while. In that early stage it really helps out having some useful SEs like this one and Bitterbeast.

P.S. For anyone wondering about the damage of drain survivor. I did a little test and it did roughly 3500. So to legendaries that’s probably only going to one-shot weak shadow monsters, it’s just a heavy hit. Additionally, the healing is 25%. It’s a perfectly okay move but not something to build your team around.

Why is Entei not a fire type?!

In all seriousness, the real value of this guy is adding a SE protect stun absorb to the holy element. This guy will be huge in link holy teams

You heard it here first

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don;t worry, there will be a fire type sooner or later.


The man has spoken! Yes this is so totally true. Every element has their protector stun absorber except shadow which has Bitterbeast (more shadow’s style) and now holy has this. Aegis and Utopian are far better options but both are limited legendaries and a single package is great.

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