HI guys, anyone knows about this Legendary?
Sorry, is this

That’s definitely a new monster.
I’m so glad I can read Spanish.
For anyone wondering moves are, double survivor, single attack, and Auto Protection(?). Passive is hold ground.

Why is auto protect a skill and not passive that doesn’t make sense? Seems fake because auto means without doing anything. So you shouldn’t have to hit a button

That’s why I’m confused, I know I read it right but why is Auto Protect a skill?

Maybe it’s the ability to grant someone on your team auto protect.

Maybe coding error? Haha possible monster slipped out of development early. Attack doesn’t sound like it’s meant to be right either

maybe they wanted to give it 3 passives, but couldnt. so they put it as a move only to block sometimes and not 100%

Auto protect still does this. Only autoprect plus gives 100 % blocking

What does the skill actually do? It makes more sense if it is a wrong translation :stuck_out_tongue:

I looked it up on Google, says the same thing.

I agree with sherz,maybe it gives other monster ability to defend.this way we can put for ex puff protector.I think this is useless since DR is tactic that most people do it somehow and it could be better.we had double survive before so it would better if he had something relaited to it more.
F2P Arash

Did you tap on the moveset to see what it does?

It’s name is in English…
If it’s in Spanish wouldn’t it’s name supposed to be in Spanish as well…?

confused 'cause of Auto Protection

No, names are always in english.

Rave lookalike gg~~

As per above image skills are
Double survivor auto protection

Passive keep ur territory

Keep your territory is hold ground right?

Yes i guess

nice i really like seeing these leaks

It’s April 1st. Probably an April fools joke.

Naw, I think this is what you’re looking for.