New Island Challenge

Has anyone seen the news about the new Island Challenge yet? The Super Epic is essentially a Throw/Bloodcrave monster, but with a new moved called Link Summon Minions. Seems like it would fit into an Assisted Earth team.

I rather to get old SE like shinobi or serazael or dierdemon.
Those are far better than these SE.

F2P Arash

Is Link Summon Minions a secret skill for a SE? If it’s so then, finally! And finally IC. :slight_smile: My favourite event returns.

Seems nice. I like the new links moves, gives a new aspect to the game, making assisted teams much more powerfull. Hope they will get it into the current assisted cloner legends to finally buff them as they suppose to be buffed.

Fits good with the last two leg I got which are earth AP and earth last bite,would be nice trying it out

Good element as well, most of the good throw legends are earth (bahamuzar, terragar, timberlord). However if you already have those then you really don’t need the extra rockoid generation, and if you don’t then it’s difficult to build around.

buck wanna join me in making a throw team with this new dude?

Bloodcrave for a event SE again? To much SE’s with Bloodcrave. When will come a SE with Bloodfury like Robinator? Ok he is with Bloodfury very strong, even much better then Galvbane but Robinator has low fef and hp and he is a toxic mon (poison touch, what a funny name & Poison Revenge), so he can be killed fastly by mom’s with toxic killer.

What i try to say is that i want a new SE with bloodfury to be independently fron legends with bloodfury.

I cant wait to do the new IC but i kinda agree with the wing they have to many bloodcrave SE for IC’s

What the problem with bloodcrave monsters? Awesome move. And the use for that monster is much more then a bloodcrave.

Poison,or stun to start IC?

I have no problem with bloodcrave… I just think they should add a SE to the IC with different moves. Most ICS i have done have bloodcrave monsters… Maybe put a dreamhunt SE or a Posion monster in there just to change it up a little bit. Like decaur bloodthirst. Twin death sentence make it different then the reg ICS

Stun and sleep bombers. Poison is better for the start but weak for the long run, and those will help even on level 300

The thing about this Mon is not bloodcrave but the link summons

Bloodcrave has much returning damage and if you kill legends witu a bloodcrave SE, it takes huge damage. Bloodcrave is nice, but only by SE’s with high def and hp like SE’s TT.

Bloodcrave is for fast kills, do you see the TU difference between bloodfury and bloodcrave? Thats what it is, bloodcrave gives you kills with low tu but with recoil while fury has no recoil but has higher TU, also bloodcrave can be used in a way like preventing revenarchion from resurrecting by killing yourself with the recoil damage.

And yet. . . All the sacrifice monsters are limited. So a very small fraction of users actually benefit from this guy.

Maybe gnashjaw good HP and def stats. Then is bloodcrave but what is link summon minions? Enlight me please.

It might be like link bloodbite but instead of damage it summons rockoids.

Ah cool. Link means then, that the complete has to be only earth to work? Ok i hope the TU are low from link summon minions, 250 TU and link is weak.