New island challenge

Hey guys, what do you think about this third island challenge? I think the new SE mon could be powerful with a stealth protector or with a give turner. I’m also happy developers understand that island challenge is the funniest event for a lot of players

No advantage to any player except luck - just pure strategy that’s all.

I really like the event
I like that you can try out new monsters

I don’t like this “random” monster pool.
It’s not fair that someone got like 3-4 super epics and some just one or two less.

The concept is cool, really, but the last 3 events i just finished one cuz of bad luck. I mean, i am raging like hell now for a game.
Not fair. Just not fair.

its fare and not fare at the same the second island challenge i had a last stand monster which mad my jurney easy unlike the other two