New Island Challenge Djinzar thread

Since the last thread got locked, I think we should start a new one where we ACTUALLY talk about the new Island Challenge lol

Comment your thoughts about the new IC and monster below

Got off to a decent start, unfortunately missed armavolt in favor of dragoon. Hope it’ll be worth it.

Seems like I’m gonna be building on sleep from now on. Good team though

Lost the battle at floor 10. The drafts keep asking me to select from purifiers and poison gas after I choose diredemon…

I had a bad and late start:/ so many terrible mons to choose from :pensive:

A monster is bugged during this ic.
Stegotops ( green protector epic)
He has purify before last form

He should have it its ok
On last form he gets HG

Edit: o i see what you ment. But its not just on IC. I got 3 unevolved epic protectors, 2 of them aint got purify, but he does.

Lmao how could it be bugged in an event only?

Learn the monsters dude :slight_smile:

He’s the only epic protector that gets purify before final form. Why do you think there are 3 ground type epic protectors? (Jadeboa, giraverdant, stegotops)? At least one has to be different.

Nah one monster sliped through.

Yeah believe me, I know. Can’t count how many times I’ve been screwed because I didn’t know Stegotops had purify.

I can’t play now, every time I click on go to battle it gets stuck on a black screen and I have to restart the game.

I throw 7 potions on stego because of that early purify.

Anyone else having trouble to play the island? Did my first match, now the game doesn’t show the level I’m at or when next draft is and when I start the battle it gets stuck and goes back to starting screen.

Edit. Nevermind, it’s working now…

if anyone got the he worth it?

Djinzar moveset

actually a solid monster imo

Not stun immune :expressionless:

Seems good though.

Sounds pretty crap imo 300 seconds (if not potted) to charge crave

Whats his speed

What’s the stats? Speed etc…