New Ingredients Rant

Ok, I want to know what the devs were thinking when they released all these new ingredients in the latest update, because I see no damn point at all. There was more than enough six-star ingredients in the game and all these new ones do is waste time and effort into getting them. The really irksome part is that the new monsters are locked behind these things; what’s that, you pulled the koala from the egg? Now you have to go and waste time on the most poorly designed event in the game, just to get the stupid Topazmouth needed to evolve the thing. It was absurdly unfun when Vorabooks and the like were officially locked behind events, and if these new ingredients are gonna be just like than, then my head will be having multiple dates with my desk.


Let’s talk about the new ingredients @Lucrayzor

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If there was more in game news like most mobile games explaining things, that would be great.

Maybe KD can add it to his list


It does seem like a pretty weird move. At least they’re all relatively easy to get, and only the very recent monsters will be using them. So for now they’ll be fairly simplistic in nature.

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We haven’t seen what they’re for yet. They could be for something interesting. I think it’s way too early to judge.

Liked just because of “then my head will be having multiple dates with my desk”