I at least hope that I have her name right… the six armed demon died easily during the first fight and I knew the transformation would make it much more difficult… but I’m at a loss.

Every time I almost have her dead she copies herself or drains my characters hp. I’ve tried different approaches in vain as every time I think I’ve finally got her beat she turns the tides on me.

I have switched up my team and weapons, tried lowering the last two to the same hp before trying a final blow to both. Something always stops me there. Either by the drain etc.

Is there an easier strategy to approach this with?

By the way- love the game. It’s so creative and addicting.

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It’s kinda tricky, you need to lower the hp enough to kill them at least in the same turn. You dont really have to kill both or the three of them in one blow, as long as you play intelligent and pass turns so you have 3 good units on a row or smth, you can do it