new festival monster

what do you guys think about the new 3 monster?
i got the fish and the 3 headed shark in 1 pack tho
i think 3 of them already balance, all can be countered

I’ll pass this festival
None of the featured legend is decent imo
Maybe i think the decent one is polareon for uc lol

Rolled a 10-in-1 pack and got the octopus; seems like the best one of them all imo.

Rolled 4 singles got 2 Legend dupes :roll_eyes: gear and serapheon and 2 epic dupes

Wow 2 legends in single?
But shame all dupes :frowning:

1 pack, triviathan. Not too hyped because of that raw double bloodcrave. Protectors are crucial in most teams

300 gems 5 legend. On my 7 rare egg 4 legend 3 of those dupes, the rest SE. :unamused:
Idk wat to say. :no_mouth:

I spent about an hour analysing the new monsters and trying to get an idea of their value, here’s my take on them (going from weakest to strongest)…

Very strong sweeping moves but everything is slow and there are way too many ways to shut it down:

  • Reasonably slow speed allows for the opponent to get rid of the stealth before its first turn
  • Low defence and no HG means it can be killed easily when required
  • Only double-hitting moves means it can’t fight stealth or camouflage
  • Heavy reliance on sneak attack for a kill it can easily be hit regularly so it can’t do anything
  • If link water is not sustained then it relies on allies to stealth it

There are also the issues that it cannot sweep quickly unless there’s no protector on the field and once it does get a kill with double sneak attack there’s a long time to wait (200s) until the next turn where it can then finally start sweeping quickly.

Basically this monster has an awful lot of ways it can be interrupted by the opponent and not a lot of things it has going for it. Link stealth all is a brilliant support move, if you can meet the condition of link. The only ways I can see this monster being used effectively are:

  1. Alongside another sweeper that can put an opponent to HG so Triviathan can get a quick kill with raw double bloodcrave then continue sweeping from there.
  2. With a GT/TT monster that can utilise its double sweeping potential to kill lots of enemies quicker as well as help get a follow up attack far sooner after double sneak attack.

In both of these cases there are monsters which do the job better. Tagosenshi below is actually a monster which is like a better version of this one.

I personally think this monster should have more like 65% speed, similar to Tenebris. However, this would create a huge combo which might be too strong… Zhulong link stealth all -> Trivia double sneak attack -> Tenebris sneak attack -> Shadow TT -> Shadow double -> Link sneak attack all -> Raw double bloodcrave -> (50TU later) Sneak attack.

A good speed monster with decent sweeping potential, great immunities and a killer secret skill. This monster has similar-ish issues to Triviathan in that it CAN be shut down. However, it’s far more difficult to do because overconfident strike deals the same damage at 70% health as it does at 100% health and there is always the counter strike move. Overconfident strike deals roughly 4400 damage which is enough to one-shot any non-storm unbuffed monster. For the storm monsters you can use counter strike which deals one-shot damage to any storm monster. The combination of those two moves is pretty brutal. The thing is, it is possible for your opponent to keep knocking its health down to below 70% until the heals run out and then Gyom becomes dead weight except when a storm monster is on the field. So far it looks good but not as incredible as others out there.

Where Gyomurai gets seriously good is with two things:

  1. Sleep immunity to combo with OoO
  2. The link slayerbane all secret skill (at 63% speed)

1 - Anything with sleep immunity combos nicely with OoO and this monster has the lovely duo of overconfident strike + counter strike which means it can sweep through some monsters while everyone is asleep (much like Bunkerbeast). It’s also a pretty hard counter to OoO line-ups your opponents may use.
2 - Link slayerbane all does one-shot damage after the opponents have got just one kill and is only 100TU. That’s HUGE and adds something incredible to this monster. If you can set up the link it makes this monster extremely threatening when it enters the field.

On top of all that it’s got a nice accelerate team. It’s a lovely full-package monster which is great for PvP. The only downside to it is the chance of becoming dead weight if the opponent keeps putting its health low until it runs out of heals.

This is probably the best of the three new monsters because it has so much sweeping potential to offer. With rounded stats (4600 atk+def) it’s surprisingly hard to kill and camouflage is an insanely good defence passive. However, what it’s really about is the damage moves and the poison coated passive buffing them:

  • Poison chomp is a one-shot move at 130TU which deals only 25% recoil, it’s your go-to if a better option isn’t available
  • Assassinate here is way stronger than other monsters who have it because of the poison which means it kills through hold ground
  • Double bloodthirst is an insanely good move, as anyone who’s got it on a monster will know. Even after just one kill it becomes useful and again with the added poison it works almost like it has excessive force
  • Ultrawave actually has a lot of use on this monster because it will deal reasonable damage and poison all enemy monsters. This can set up the secret skill (if you have a give turn) or otherwise support a poison team very nicely
  • The secret skill swift poison massacre is not as strong as you’d like it to be (the monster has lower damage than most) but it’s still a good and quick way of charging double bloodthirst or sweeping away some monsters that are there

On the whole, this monster has a large number of ways to pack a punch and works as a top-tier sweeper which is best used either alongside poison monsters or a give turn monster. Having camouflage is what turns it from great to brilliant! I’m hesitant to say this is among the best monsters but it’s certainly getting there.


@RAF_Raven 5 legend none of them dupes?

@Killerdog another great analysis chris! I agree with you i think the squid is the decent one. I also agree the 3 headed shark is the weakest among them. And for correction gyomurai has element accelerate team not the normal accelerate team (only accelerate the water element mon in battlefield)

Extra: but overall i think 3 of them can be really useful with great timing and great team

Yeah I am aware that my analysis can get very lengthy so I basically made that just a very brief mention at the end. What I wanted to focus on was the other moves because they work well together and allow for some interesting uses. I could probably change the wording a little to note it’s water-only but the description is there in the game anyway. I went into heavy analysis because I plan to copy and paste that into the “tier list” thread, I want to do something similar for each monster when I redo it.

When do you think you can start the new tier list?
I am not pushing tho haha you can take your time, i am just curious

I spent 600 gems and only got 1 of the new legends and it was the worst one. Sometimes i just hate this game :laughing:

Whoa haha should just stop at 6 pack man

I’m quite busy over the next few days but after I’m through this stuff the next thing I plan to do is the tier list. So… next weekend or possibly the one after.

Triviathan: no hg, no poison immunity and the only water absorber that isn’t protector is cobra (last time I checked), which already counters stealth… thinking about it, there aren’t many water purifyers and that protector restriction makes it basically a piece of garbage. 1/10

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Make it 0.1/10. Wrost monster design ive ever seen

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They trying to make 3 headed monster in every element
Fire done, water done, next maybe cerberus 3 headed for dark element

Edit: i forgot they already have similiar monster design that look like cerberus (epic monster i forgot his name)

Flutterdrake iris is water absorber that isn’t protector

Ah yes, the only flutter im missing, great!

@Phoebe actually it’s 8 legend on 6pack gyomurai asuraidos kryokaiser kamiwyrm mechaviathan dupes I got 2 nebel and 1 tridakan.
On My 7 rare egg hatch was 4 legend I got omegasdragon and dupes of drako and 2 soulstealer dupes the rest SE got wreck on rare hatch :unamused: