New crystal drake monsters

Just curious what people think of them. I’m sure they’ll be decent enough when more come out especially because of the void part

Edit: I appreciate the passive isn’t as op as tholid. We don’t need another disaster like that

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I can’t wait to see other Crystal Worms getting released, the moveset sounds interesting!

I love how my drawing is the 2nd form, and they used a more flamboyant design for the Ultra-Evolution. Love that! Looks bombastic!!


Its legs become stumpy in the last form, which is strange because they are pointy in the second form

Looks good so far. Definitely a fixed version of the thlugs by having no sleep immunity. This one is the sweeper by the looks of it.

Do you have a link to that?

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I’ll send the picture


The resemblance is uncanny.

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Woah …

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I think it’s very good so far congratulations

Roughly the same stats. Seems they’ll have similar move sets then

Where’d you find it?

Upcoming Island Challenge reward

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