Nerf sleep

Sleep is way to powerful and I’m tired of having to wait 200 seconds or more to even get To use a move and probably get sleep again I say we nerf it to 150 it’s only fair

Nothx broski

Do you have keeperdragon or jackal?

Or Banedragon, or Mojinator, or Diredemon, or Tridrakhan, or Shadowyrm, or Nectareon?


Two of those were featured in recent events. Plus any of the SE purifying protectors with protect team mates and a purify can remove the effects.

Plus, pretty much only gold tail and apparently the new flutterdrakes can reliably sleep. It’s woefully unreliable otherwise.

Plus if you just poison gas you’ll probably keep any of your mons from getting slept.

If anything poison should be nerfed. It’s not just a simple case of purifying anymore. You have to deal with stuff like nereidbyss+crim aka a poor mans deo fl. It just shows poison outclasses sleep in terms of variety and quality.

The devs have been buffing poison since at least when I started playing in October 17.

They’re trying to move the meta away from stun and they’re trying to make poison more prolific. Look at the last few event rewards, Keeprdragon, Frostcobra, Volcavenus as well as the recent releases of poison legendaries. Frost cobra dominated this last PvP. I don’t think we’ll see poison getting nerfed anytime soon.

I know that. Just saying that nerfing sleep is pointless when its counters (mainly jackal) and poison are everywhere atm. Also, the new UC flutterdrake is supposedly sleep immune with poison gas. Sleep is already becoming less enticing with each release.