🏆 Neo Monsters tier list (see first post) 🏆

tago is a very good monster i agree. one that is often overlooked as well. it’s problem is that when you start to come up against buffed monsters it struggles to get its blood move charged therefore i think it is more a useful all rounder monster for PvE and PvP rather than one more suited to either. for this reason I would say A tier is probably an accurate place for it in general (PvE) tier.

i would also say that it’s 2nd evolution is pretty good value btw. unless the devs have reworked it.


Lol the only reason I was able to clear story was because of tago double bloodthirst, though his attack is a bit low, in my usage I’ve found its mostly able to one shot with poison chomp(unless their element is electric) and through assasinate too(against mons with low or med health and hp)the bots are super bad in dealing with camouflage, that’s why I feel it provides more usability in pve and story battles.
(Super bad as in sense they fail to consider how attacks like one on one and stun are not affecting tago and how if you Target him and some other mons, only the other selected mons will die)

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once you get to the online hell modes poison monsters tend to start to suffer since their attacks aren’t strong enough against buffed. tago is essentially a poison support monster which has the bonus of double bloodfury if you are able to get kills (i used to use him with Lunactia for this precise reason, she would make a rock for him to assassinate and i would sweep)
overall that isn’t enough to be a PvE specialist monster like the S-,S and S+ tiers.

but he is still enjoyable to play with and against non buffed opponents i agree he rocks!

by the way your point about camouflage is something that i agree with however i would suggest basically any camo monster has a bonus vs AI. lol

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If you get a Torrentide it can pretty much solo story mode and the majority of online PvE story. Even with buffed monsters it takes a long time, but Torrentide can carry alot.

Yeah some of the legends are, in my opinion, better before UE. For instance, doomengines moveset is identical in 2nd form to the 3rd, and since the bomb move is still a crit no matter what, unless you add his SS there’s literally no reason to UE him.

So he’s just a kickass cloner at 8 cost.

I have to disagree. In addition to the better survivability and higher damage, with Doomengine it’s so easy to set up 150 sec twin bomb with blood clone next + stealth teammate. With the second form you have to do some awkward skipping. And like you mentioned the 100 sec bomb actually makes a big difference as it can also clear camouflage monsters. Also does the second form even have poison immunity?

Right, absolutely. I’m just saying that 3rd form w/ the SS unlocked is a 14-cost monster, versus 8-cost for Wraithengine (2nd form)… which is only one higher cost-wise than a Musashoid. If you’re trying to cram a bunch of 16-cost mons onto a team then he offers an awfully good bang for the buck.

Obviously his survivability is better in 3rd form, and obviously the SS adds a lot of options. No question. I’m just pointing out that his second form still has shield entrance + clone + twin bomb, and even in 2nd form twin bomb can one-shot buffed enemies… so, in my opinion, he does a fine job serving his purpose even as a “bargain” monster on the team.

Which, currently, makes him more useful to me in 2nd form than in 3rd form. In 3rd form he’s competing against Angelion or Vigziarid or Hanzo or Tenebris for a spot on the team, whereas in 2nd form he’s competing against rocks and 4-star mons and cheap throws. Anyway, I guess my point here is that I don’t know of any other legends that actually more or less fulfill their design purpose in 2nd form, which makes him rather unique in that regard.

Praying for kd to get some free time lol


Lol, the todo list is building very quickly.

Quick takes on the newest:

Stellaurum is strong but very slow. Too slow. I have no idea how to rate this.

Cyclophena is a solid addition and can make some good kills, but other than her even/odd attacks, the availability of the other three is just luck based. She is also slow, but vigorous stance adds a lot of survivability. A tier maybe?

Anyone else got a hot take

My gut says Stellaurum is D-F and Cyclophina is roughly B tier.

What pushes Stellaurum low is there are simply a bunch of mythics that flat-out outclass it and it’s basically at a similar level to Razoray, which is a B-tier legendary.

Cyclophina is similar to Otomaid where it’s got nice piercing attacks but lining them up is unreliable. Otomaid is B tier.

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Sorry you misspelled S++ octopus waifu is just peak

Only because of design tho :pleading_face:

Cool monster art/flavour designs get bonus points in our hearts, but not in the tier list


Ignore me read general not pvp miss click go brrr

Yeah I read your deleted post and glad to see I’ve already done what you said :wink: I am considering Gyomurai going a tier higher (S- → S) because, like you say, the extra damage on overconfident strike is genuinely very useful against what we see in the meta these days. I moved it up one tier when the buff happened I think, but the way things are shaping out it could go higher.

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Oooooh damn mod powers exposed me ahahah

I dont know if id bumb him up from S- tbh i think what he does is great but alot of S tier simply just offers more than he does

I have him at +9 and i find him great but i dont think he offers the same lvl of controll as a bauble or malwing or lunatica nor is he as reliable of doing something as a inferni or alba or geocorn feks

So even if i enjoy him i think he does fine in S-


As a gymorai user he is s- not s.

Thanks guys. I was considering it because a Gyomurai user tried to convince me it should be higher. Since people are swinging both ways and I feel like ultimately it’s mostly a monster for link water teams I’ll keep it where it is.

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I totally agree with the otomaid comparison, I was thinking the exact same thing. Only reason I said A rather than B is the Vigorous Stance + healing attack, which keeps it on the field for twice as long and gives extra chances for the attacks with weird crit conditions.

I still don’t understand how is she is B. I faced her in about 10 battle. All the time she used small tu piercing move and killed my half entire team. How she works I am still consfused. She is completely broken.

What are you playing? All link and raw? I think against most teams she can kill a couple of monsters then gets stuck waiting to find a target and she often won’t actually get to kill the thing you want to.