🏆 Neo Monsters tier list (see first post) 🏆

I know a bunch of you probably want the HP boost section updated as well as seeing things like Voidress higher. The above update is not to do with those version 2.42 update changes. I’ll do that at some point in the next few weeks. I have other projects I want to sink time into so please bear with me, I’ll get to it eventually.

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Bloomeluga :frowning:

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He is the abselute peak of oerfection S++ monster

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You don’t need to keep censoring the word. I love you too <3


It saddened me to lower Bloomeluga. I’ve seen it as the epitome of S+ too. Camouflage has made it hold up for a very long time but I don’t think it quite matches up to what the other S+ monsters are doing because it’s a bit too slow to act and tsunami mortar is the crucial move for making an impact these days (hellfire mortar is too weak against tanky monsters). I’m also a little unsure how all stun / stun protection is going to shape out.

To put it another way… it’s at the top of S tier.

Where’s arachnodrake?

Please refrain from spreading fake info. Megaia is 3rd

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It is S+ for PvP and that’s why I never faced anyone having it on a team?

I pondered hard whether to have him A or B tier. Are there any A tiers you think he’s stronger than?

Haha yes I did miss Vanillawhelp but even so I’m not sure if it really counts because it’s a token monster.

It’s a recent monster and an undiscovered gem I think. I’ve met it a few times and have been very impressed. It threatens powerful things almost every turn and auto-poison all supports a team very well.

Boutan-Trashski eh Douji, Persephia and Tyrfina.

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It’s not because you don’t face him that it’s not his level. mutual reversal is completely crazy with infected terrain. With the right timing it’s the perfect counter for any super super tanky monster that isn’t immune to poison not to mention swift terrorize that feels really good and of course the double bloodfury. he deserves his level


Very well put!

@ItsSherlock Thanks. Similar ones to what I was looking at but wasn’t sure. I’ll swap it with Tyrfina now and edit the update I just made.

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Arachnodrake its easely A tier and one of the most underrated mythics out there
For PVE its even better has AI has no idea how to deal with stealth
Hazy Entrance its awesome to setup your monsters and stress the enemy…toxic thirst its so goood and unique.
The recent 50tu buff on stealth made a huge boost on him and once acelerated becomes 33tu wich is amazing

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Looks like it’s time to awaken it :slightly_smiling_face:

Iff you like stealth just go for it bro you ont be disapointed

It’s one of my favourite strategies. I’m still missing Zhulong tho

You’d love to use toxic thirst,
I beat all wormhole this time using that.


super epic s+ or s exceeds legendary in which part? Is it in B class legendary or lower?