Has anyone else had trouble with the game crashing?  The further I get the more often it crashes.  I’ve played the same online mission 3 times now because it crashes mid battle.

Given, I have a 4S… I might have to quit the game until I can upgrade… soon… :’(

I think the game’s not made for 4s you should contact admin. He will help you for sure.

4S is the oldest compatible iOS device I believe, and is old in general. This game is really intensive on the processor, so it could just be your phone is too old for it to run flawlessly.

I play on a 4 it works most of the time for me

How far along are you? Mine only crashed after hours of play in the beginning.  I’m on Chapter 4 online now and its crashing a lot more often. I close all my other apps before opening this and I’ve deleted quite a few hoping that freeing up hard drive space would help.  

Thanks everyone for your input. I’m aiming to get a 6s after christmas (or crossing my fingers as a gift).  I just want to try to stay competitive as I wait and the crashing is making it difficult.

I have finished everything to date
It was crashing a lot on me and I reset my settings to factory and hasn’t happened since