Neo Monsters Beginners Megathread


Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

I’ll reroll. Could you suggest some more good legendary eggs featured in newcomers festival that are worth keeping please?


Dont reroll, grtting a legendary fast is incredible lucky as it is…

And overall flamie is much better then kamiwyrm.

And about the newcomer festival - every monster in there is amazing, old players whish they could roll for those. Its an amazing festival, just keep playing and dont worry about what you could have, and just have fun with what you got.


Thanks for the reply! Flamie seems tougher to play than the monster I had before reset (Fire dragon looking thingie with multiple heads who could attack everyone at once and put gimpy monsters in the opponent’s team). But I guess it will get better as it evolves? I do like poison, but I also miss the mass attack.


At the very beginning of the game it’s great to have monsters which can “hit all” with their moves. They can be good for clearing out enemies quickly. However, later on in the game things become far more strategic and it’s more about having attacks which do “critical damage” in specific situations or after some set-up. For example, your Flamie is great for setting itself up with the passive “auto-poison” that will poison enemy monsters that come on the field. You can then poison eater them for heavy damage with Flamie or other poison monsters.

Once you get into the online content you’ll be able to get lots of gems and starting building up a team of super epics and legendaries. Make sure you save up 50 gems at a time before you roll so you get the bonus rare gem and it’s best to wait until there’s an egg with boosted chance for legendaries and super epics (1.5x) or some other great bonus like “guaranteed legendary in the first 10-pack”. Being careful with your use of gems will get you a small selection of legendaries much faster.

When you unlock the online content, don’t forget to drop into the limited-time section to see what’s going on there. There are some gems that are easy to grab and actually this “balancion’s trials” which opened today is an event geared more towards new players so that might be fun for you.

I hope you enjoy playing!


Thank you very much Killerdog for all the great helpful advise. I am enjoying the game very much, and the community seems really nice too.

Should I use the first 50 gems in newcomer’s festival or save them for future events? Also, generally speaking, how often do really good events like guaranteed legendary in 1st 50 gem pack come around?


The festivals with a gauranteed legendary in the first pack cones like 1 a month.

However those festival gaurantee a nornal legend. The newcomer festival gaurantee a limited edition legedery in EVERY pack (=50 gem pack). Thats easily the best festival ive seen in the past 2 years of playing, and as someone with more then 50 legenderies i still dont have most of the legenderies featured in the newcomer egg and really want those.

So hatch as much as you can in this 1, you wont get a better option.

Btw, featured legend = a legend only avaible during a specific special egg. There is a normal legend pool with 40+ monsters that avaible in any egg. The featured ones are usually stronger.


Well the legendary is guaranteed only every 6th 50 gem pack, so 300 gems. And it’s available for only 7 days, which should get me enough to buy 1x50 gem pack. Before I restarted, I bought it, and it had 5 epic and 5 super epic eggs, no legendary. But I suppose it’s still worth it, I might get lucky this time around!! :slight_smile:


Oh my bad then.
There are bettwr festivals then, where you get a 100% legendary at 1st pack, 3rd pack, and 6th lack. Those are every 1 or 2 months. Save for them :slight_smile:


Yeah I wouldn’t go for the newcomer’s festival egg. I think realistically that’s more to support new people coming to the game who are spending money right at the start. Many people I know who open their wallets for games like this do so right at the start to get themselves into the game, hence the newcomer egg rewards them nicely.

As iSegal said, the ones with guaranteed legend in the first pack come quite regularly. Something like every 4-6 weeks. In-between them are options which cater to various groups of the playerbase. As a new player you should focus on the ones which give you the largest quantity of legendaries for your gems.


Thank you both! You have been so helpful :slight_smile:

I will wait for a guaranteed legendary egg with 60 gem pack. Hopefully it comes around soon.


You have to get a app called lone and then ask some one to invite you


Hello everyone, where do I find the Beginnersguide, seems like i’m blindfolded ; ) There is just the Profile with the Galve Picture and a bunch of mostly dead links. Would love to get a hold of the guide! Thanks


Hi can u pls help me for a team building with that garbge thx any way


where is the guide???


Another old mod I think deleted it by accident il Try to bring it back


it would be great if you can bring it back…


@Hidan1337 can you post it again or send me as an email…