Evolve rate is a fix

Umm I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this game for the most part. But there are certainly some fixes in the game that seem unfair. The increased results of evolve rate after training seems like a huge fix. If my monster’s evolve rate is at 90% and I use 4 de-aging fruits to give it 12 DAYS of training, there is absolutely no way my monster shouldn’t reach 100% after the 12th turn of training. And I’m talking about using gold and silver cards with all combos attached. This is seriously a rigged part of the game.

I’ve found 1 training per 1% to be roughly close so it seems fair enough to me.

I just wish I could throw away the fruit. The sell button won’t work and monsters are all trained.

No big deal. Take advantage of the super youth fruit while it’s still here.

It works only if your fruit exceeds 10/10.

I can’t even get to the screen with the sell button.

They are beyond rare to get. I wouldn’t down play it too much.

Okay so that’s 2% evolve rate unaccounted for. Not really fair especially if the rest of the game makes you wait a couple of days to get a greater chance at capturing ONE monster for ultraevolution, and even then the capture rate Will never be anything greater than 43% for important componants of evolution. It just seems as so when your close to achieving one measly task for your team, the success rate drops and basically extends your wait period/ tries to get more money out of you.

That’s why I said take advantage of the super youth fruit dungeon while it’s still live. Unless you aren’t able to access then I apologize for your loss.

I’m not saying it’s not easy but I like the whole evolving set up as it is. If they made it easier then everyone would be running round with maxed out mons. Just hoping more multiplayer content comes out soon along with pvp.
It would be pretty sweet if you could boost stats also with say gold cards that when used give +20 of the attribute
Like EV points in pokemon

Go to the super fruit or youth fruit. It should pop up with a screen to go to the sell screen. Worked for me

Yeah I’m not at hero lvl 35 yet and it does cost money to raise the lvl without waiting for hours, but thanks man!

I mean che@ting me out of two training points doesn’t prevent every user from maxing out their monsters lol that’s a little much of a stretch. They’re are people like me who play every day and there are users who haven’t played in weeks but I feel like a certain amount of devotion to the game should be a slight bit more rewarding (aside from the friend chest and daily rewards which are all based off time again). Great game still, obviously I’m still an avid player, all I’m saying is there is definitely a cap of control that is a disadvantage for the users. My situation was that I wanted one monster to reach evolution level 100% because I’m currently stuck at the difficulty level for my online and story mode missions. Aside from waiting for more keys or paying for gems, my only option is to ultra evolve at least one monster, and I felt like I couldn’t even accomplish that due to 2 of my training points practically having zero affect on my monster. Sorry if I’m ranting I came to the formum to speak freely, and I genuinely appreciate your responses!