Need Team building advice


Came back after a long break and realised that most events and story mission are too hard for my team right now.
Any advice?


Ouch… I would use the one on one shadow throw FL with the water survivor, fire protect, and terror. If u have SS of terror then u can summon more rocks. But higher level PVP runs a lot of sleep immunity so I would outnumber two useless mobs in the back for both ur throw mons in FL

Then all I can see is either focus on a sleep or stun mid game. A lot of stun counters nowadays so stun into sleep might be the way to go.

Hope this helps


Looks like your best bet is a throw team built around Terragar. What you could try is a frontline of desiosaur, shadowlance, volcamus and titanwolf. Terragar 5th. Protect with volcamus, Sacrifice summon desiosaur, then one on one with shadowlance. Evolve the flutterdrake you got, he has throw and bloodthirst, and train snowja and tremorback to 100% but don’t evolve them. These guys have good throw synergy. For the rest of the team, stun bomb, heals, seadog, stun absorbers and last but not least, godfeather


Thanks for the help you 2.
I also came up with some your ideas before. I grinded pretty hard for the time event and now got this:(SS on Terragar and Nox)

That’s my current Team:

Prot with Volcamus, throw with Terragar,Ragna dual deathcurse and then the dino 1 on 1 mass sleep. But i’m not sure if that’s the best team for me right now since Noxdragon doesn’t fit


Go get yourself a Galvbane