Need help with my team - please build it

If u had galvbane i could tell you some combos to do, but u don’t have enough sweepers to make a strong team yet

ahm… your 1st evolve starter are rexkong.? hm. much better if you choose galvbane…
i suggest combine shadow with a dreamhunt mons, if you don’t have. you can capture rosaqueen on explore island.:grin:

Shadow is pure gold
Do you have any SE TDS? Try put a stun healer on last place in your team to heal clones and stun the enemy
Try got galvbane once you get chrono evolved pair him with GT stun immun dog

Ok, thx for suggestions. Yes i will get Galv at the next Moalith (Rex was sadly bad idea), i will try to put a stun healer at the team’s end to heal sentiguard and freez clones. Thx Raven i will get Rose in dungeon. Please feel free to keep up with making suggestions. I accept every suggestion and follow it.