Need help please!

I’m pretty new to the game but I just beat the champion league and I’m now facing the Grand Four. My team is not good enough and I don’t have enough experience to know how to fix it. Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

(This is the team I normally run)

(These are all of my available monsters)

Looks like you’ve selected your best monsters in general. That storm bird you have at the front is very strong if you can train it up. I recommend swapping your 1st and 14th monster. Having that last stand monster at the back is very strong plus being able to charge survivor on the monster you’re bringing forwards with the one-on-one is a good plan. It might be worth changing Plumane (the protector in 13th) with the Terrorfish you have (the stun immune, stun bomb skeleton fish). Having a stun bomb right at the end of your team with a last stand monster can be great. You can skip turn with them both until other things have died then use the stun bomb to leave you with just the last stand monster more reliably, while all enemies are stunned for a while and you can kill through their team.

General strategy as well should be to leave the enemy team with some weaker monsters on the field. If you’re unsure about what the monsters do then go by their stars… if they have any 0-3* monsters they are probably safe to leave while you kill the new monsters that are entering the field.


Evolve your monsters


Try going to the various temples in the islands for some additional monsters, most notably Sparkhoof (Central), Prinrose (Desert), Frogue (Tropical), and Wooly (Frost) since all of them recently got Super Epic forms that are meant to give newcomers a helping hand. Additionally, you may also want to pick up Glitchy, Zapcat, Sunboy and Lunaling since they’re free Super Epics as well; their locations are listed on the wikia pages.

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