Need help building team for PVP

Very descriptive

I need to get yourself a Galvbane

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the cost lmfao

/Banned in 3… 2 … 1

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I’m happy to help. Let me know your friend code and I’ll message you :slight_smile:


A better advice for you. Before you ask for help for a team, you should get the legitimate app from play stores so that you don’t have a vanishing problem any time soon.


Yep, have to agree. It’s useless to give advice when the account will be gone soon.

I forgot to turn off the mod menu, I’m glad I used a fake nick

my account will not be banned without the id, help with the team


You’ll be banned pretty soon anyway. Even if you don’t, it’s not like you can play any online content without flagging the anticheat and getting banned right after. Seriously, mfs are always snitching on themselves here :joy:


wanna bet? I bet the account that I won’t be banned…

The least you can do is try to be honest and do things right. But I see that instead of being like that, you start gambling and clearly want to continue doing the wrong thing, so go to seek help elsewhere.


what are you gonna do? play offline story 24/7?

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if i get a temporary ban or get a message on my account, i’ll play honestly

No one wants your hacked account lol. I can’t believe the level of ignorance here. Go play Skyrim or some sandbox game you can mod to your heart’s content, don’t bring that garbage here.


@Killerdog really trying to pull a Tekashi here :joy:

Look man, your account will be banned with 100% probability. There’s nothing you can do to stop that. Also it will be perma banned, not temp.

Displaying/promoting cheats is also not allowed on this forum so if you keep the same attitude, you will be banned from here too.

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