[Nagandia] [Daunt]


I haven’t come across a nagandia in Frontline yet fortunately . But judging from a few opinions and reviews , I feel it’s a bit broken and makes way for a lot of potential setup !

Currently, reworking it might not be a solution but a restriction is always possible much like gazer !
We all have seen and know why gazer deserved it’s restriction .

My suggestion is 100 TU restriction since the start of the battle

Further opinions ?

PS: please don’t bring up irrelevant monsters for comparison!


I agree 100tu restriction or rework the moveset.


I definitely see no problem with adding this restriction, and the ability to set stuff up since it’s so hard to counter daunt is a power that probably wasn’t intended for the monster. It’s important to keep front line stuff balanced more than anything else.

P.S. @Mr.X With regards to Dracorosa being a counter to Daunt + poison monsters (Terror/Magga as you said)… Dracorosa has hold ground, no weaknesses, defang and purifying mist. I.e. It’s not really going to be possible to remove, can probably sweep with Nagandia or other poison monsters and if Nagandia + sweeper are hidden behind two protectors then Dracorosa also has a 71% speed purifying mist to protect the team from daunt. I think it’s a pretty hard counter, but ofc not saying it’s a reason alone to not consider restricting daunt.

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Mist can be removed by aoe from any of the protectors.

Lets say you play stag you skip with naga sleep all to remove stealth and daunt then you have the 80 free tu to do the combo again. In all the situations possible its literally impossible to stop it with the right AP.

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Alot of moves should have time restrictions.

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Dragulus says hi to your stupid ap’s

Dragulus is not a counter to ap spam the main point is to restrict the attacker to a single user.

Don’t think daunt should be changed for now. It’s just slow ■■■ fl’s that suffer from it


Btw, that would be the very first mythic with a nerf… Maybe Just Change the Team setup would be an idea, but Hey lets Change a Monster because building a new team is sooo difficult

Its called META CHANGES… Plus vampviper will be rare and Not everybody got it …

We all had to handle sakura. Now its vampviper… Plus its a damn mythic, they re powefull

This argument is complely invalid. Sanctistag has 44% speed. If all someone’s team has done until then is purifying mist with Dracorosa then they’re asking to be punished by something, and 80s “stun” from Daunt is not much of a punishment at all. Once it goes past the 50% speed monsters then practically anything goes, you get all the things with double repulse, TT, GT, sleep, unconditional killing moves, etc. Couple that with the fact you suggest skipping with Nagandia behind a 44% speed monster so that’s assuming there is nothing the opponent has between 44% and 60% speed.

In theory though, you could have a monster lined up for 61% speed to remove any stealth and help get Daunt almost totally guaranteed. However, to try and build things like that while also making it impossible to counter AND have some cool combo you’re pulling off after using Daunt is very unlikely.

I think realistically there isn’t anything game breaking possible right now and there probably won’t be one that comes, but the potential is there and a move at 60% which can take control of the match in the front line is a step up from Midas link TT. I don’t like the pressure on us building faster and faster FLs so I totally agree it’s a good idea to restrict Daunt to 100s from start of battle.

@Moking Nagandia team rules (I hope I meet you to see if I can counter it or not) :smirk:

Are you the guy with Daunt, Aegis, Drako and Maggot FL? TNBF2P or something? Crazy FL.

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Yes i am, tnb King f2p

U r the luckiest f2p player all over the world. Every time I saw your team, I was like how could f2p collect them all?!

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I only roll Singles, didnt have luck in the last years with packs… As soon as i got 4 gems i roll… There Re Times i get nothing

but overall i got Every Festival since Eastern at least one featured monster

No he paid before I believe. Just not anymore

Yeah 2 years Ago… These new Meta Monsters like angelion stag Jaguar dracorosa and so on re all Single rolled…
I think i paid to get bb :thinking: that is a little Bit less than 2 years ago

You found a nice broken FL. Well done👍

Whats ur ign?

Its strong, Not broken :sweat_smile:
and i am the only one that run vampviper in the FL… Its possible to counter… But not by normal bb Spam Attacks or Teams that hope to react… Eg full protector killer teams…

You aren’t the only one. I’ve come across at least one other that runs it the same as you but an unevolved aegis. Maybe a copycat🤔