My personal reintegrity milestone

As everyone might know by now i made a big mistake and i made a huge fuss about it. I hereby declare myself stupid and i am going to remake my reputation threw this topic. So first of all i got banned so now i either have to start again or get my forgotten account back. Im working on the firgotten account rn and soon enough ill know the result. In case it doesnt work out well im going to restart from scratch and im making this topic to show my progress with all possible proof. And why that is? Well its just to be able to show my honesty in playing and regaining the trust of forum members.

I would rly like everyone to share their opinion about this thread before i start working on it and would really appreciat if u keep ur comments civilized, without toxicity and ofc without hate if possible. Also if possible some tips in the future regarding mistakes i might make all along this journey.
Thx for everyones understanding.


as a player since late 2017, my advice would be just enjoy the game
if you feel tired, you can take a rest and just play another game
don’t resort to any tools to make the game easier or whatnot
games should be play as it is to respect what the developers had been doing



Just forget it dude no need to be dragging this on it will just constantly affect your mood, as humnas we sometimes seek vindication but you don’t need to at all. Just start a new account and play clean on your own and get off the forum for a while coz not everyone will sympathize with you and comments you may view as toxic will pour in.


I dont rly like playing alone and thats my biggest problem or else i wouldnt even want to talk on the forum but as i said above im just opening this topic to try and reearn my reputation in a more honest picture. Ik many will just spam toxicity and i already have some in mind but i dont wanna let these comments specifically stop me from trying anyways. If i get my old account back that means its clean since devs have to check everything and ill have a better start then from scratch but im still ready to restart from 0 anyways.


Cool then.

I’ll be happy to help

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I would suggest better to start bro

My old account wasnt banned i just forgot restore code so in working on it rn. Dev asked for more info and in waiting for his response. Soon enough ill even start posting some progress maybe or my accounts details if i get it back but thx for not being toxic :blush:


Cool hope u will get it back soon


Ahh, you mean your first account. Well maybe they’ll help you there.

First tip to find personal integrity… don’t do this and don’t require explicit explanation from the Devs about whether something like this is considered cheating / an exploit. If you have to question it, it probably is: Rank level grind

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i appreciate ur concern but this isnt rly helping :sweat_smile: but yep ur right about that too

I hope you will come back. :smile: :+1:


It takes a lot of determination and hard work to start over again :slightly_smiling_face: Wishing you nothing but success as you begin this new adventure :hugs::v:


I’m not sure they’d actually let you make another new account again on the same device? They may have banned the driver and not the account. Since the device includes the account.

nah i can :grin: already did

its hard losing your monsters you had before man, but next time think of these consequences before trying anything


i lost my original acc when this rule was in play, i started another one in 2016 which i have rn, 2 years later i tried bck this ol acc code and got it, but i have gotten more good mons on the other, just keep grinding and stayy clean of mods, ull get back up there

btw whats ur IGN

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PAIN is my ign and when i used to play before there was a 5times use rule :joy: that was disastrous

haha okay bro, i understand, keep going back up, theres also new comer fest, you might get a good haul there who knows haha :wink:

im saving everything for kirina and lemon banner. i might do 1 on nova and 1 on azida but nothing else

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the are giving three gems now instead of 1 for the missions, so youll get a good stack, hehe good luck

U can always regain trust here by deleting and creating a new forum account… This topic , imo , was highly unnecessary. Anyways , hope ur new acc doesn’t involve any mods and may u play peacefully.

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