My movie collection

Hello guys,

I want to expand my movie collection , I have every superhero movie ( except batman but that isnt a superhero)  there is so far and alot of different stuff but I still have some place to expand my collection do you guys have any tips of films that you loved and could recommend me ?

Im mostly into scifi or action but if its good i will watch it. 

Well, I like some movies. Although you can find them online.

The Last Dragon   <–I really like this one.

How to Train A Dragon (I’m sure you’ve heard of it)

I love how to train your dragon. If you havent seen them i reccomend the hobbit series of movies (second out of 3 one comes out tomorrow im going to premeir!!!) and the hunger games (also has 3 movies and the second one is just released in the theatures, already saw it)

How to Train your Dragon…second favorite film EVER!!!

My favorite has to be Aliens.

Lord of the rings

but a comedy would be grown ups 2

< serious cinema buff, hehe ill start putting a list together for you of movies to get

I have Every aliens movie:)
And grown ups 2 isnt out in dvd here yet
I dont like lord of the rings
And how to train ur dragon is an animation

So to limit my list a bit, you want sci-fi/fantasy/action titles, non animated correct?

Indeed ! Im now in the cinema watching Homefront haha , its not bad but im missing the scifi

Ok here is a brief list of scifi movies

Firefly (series)
Dune (the sci-fi miniseries from 2000)
Ender’s Game
The star trek movies
Pan’s Labyrinth
Repo Men
War of the Worlds
Strange Days
The Fountain
The Fifth Element
The Andromeda Strain
The Man Who Fell to Earth
Donnie Darko
Ghost in the Shell (animated but a must see)
Idiocracy (lets face it this is probably what will happen)
Tron Legacy
A Clockwork Orange
Minority Report
Total Recall (either one, personally i prefer the new one because i like the supporting actors better)
Children of Men
The Prestige

Thanks! Alot of names i dont know, gonna check it when im home.

Okay I viewed them and the most is old or I know them already

the three good ones were : Equillibrium , Children of Men and Minority Report because I have already seen those two in the past.

I have looper on dvd