Favourite Bands/Songs And Songs You Made

Hi Everyone This Page Well Share Our Favourite Bands/Songs Or Songs You Made. 

My Favourite Band Is Imagine Dragons. 

My Favourite Song Is Monster By Imagine Dragons.

Favorite band/orchestra: Audiomachine

Favorite song: Beyond the clouds  (For any of you How to Train Your Dragon fans, this was used in the teaser trailer for the second film.)

This is such a toughie, but:

Favorite band: Anberlin

Favorite song: Personal by Stars


It’s pretty funny that my favorite song didn’t come from my favorite band, but even if I prefer Anberlin over Stars, “Personal” really takes first place for my favorite song,


I like this song,and video.Recommend watching.

Yeah, my favorite song is probably Burning in the Skies by Linkin Park.

My favorite artist… It’s too damn tough. I like a lot of artists from different genres.

I like a lot of artists and a lot of songs, so… My favorite artist for now is Orelsan, and my favorite song from him is Raelsan :

Hope you’ll enjoy this song as much as I do :smiley:

My new fav song is in my sig.
The opened way from the game “shadow of the colossus”