Any upcoming movies you want to check out?

Here post any upcoming films that you want to see, these films could range from new releases in theaters, soon to be released as DvD or just a movie you want to see.  If you want to post a trailer to your film feel free!


-Don’t list any NC-17 (U.S.A) or Restricted 18 (England) films. 

-You can put trailers for films that are rated R (U.S.A) or 18 (England), however if I or another moderator feel that the trailer isn’t appropriate for the forum we reserve the right to remove the trailer link from your post.

-No swearing in the trailer.

-Don’t insult other’s film that they have picked.

Alright so I’m going to go first.  Right now I am SUPER stoked for How To Train your Dragon 2.Yeah you can call me a child or immature for liking this movie, but jokes on you…I would agree with you…mostly. I was surprised how much I loved the first one and this movie has got to be the most anticipated film in 2014 for me.




My Second film is RoboCop… Never saw the original ones…but the CGI in this one looks amazing.



I also really want to see Godzilla, I mean the king is back!!!  I would post the trailer but I feel it appropriate on the forum.

Those are my upcoming films I want to see, please let me know yours!!!



Amazing Spider Man 2 because of venom and the sinister 6.

Was Venom announced???  I saw they had an Easter Egg related to him, but I didn’t hear he would be in the film yet.

OMG I didnt even know they were making a how to train your dragon 2!!! I’m 100 percent with you on that one, I absolutely loved the first one. You sir have just made my day

Amazing Spiderman 2
The avengers age of ultron
Transformers 4
Star wars 7
Jupiter ascending
Superman vs Batman

And ill post it if i know of some more

Glad I did. :3  Movie looks amazing.

I forgot : X-men days of the future past

I think we can post R rated trailers and such of that sort too as long as we write a warning before doing so saying “The following trailer is unsuitable for children because of it’s content. Don’t watch unless you are of age or with a parent or guardians permission.” 

I talked to ryan about posted songs and stuff like that already and he said yeah if we just warn people first of the trailers contents then it should not be a problem.

But of course there is a limit on that. If the video is purely inappropriate then it will be deleted.

Yep VENOM was confirmed

That’s what I meant

The movie i want to see and it is already in theatres is Homefront

heres the trailer

Warning: Trailer contains violence do not watch if you are young or get freaked out by violence.

I saw homefront already and didnt really liked it and where can u see that Venom is confirmed?

I also want to see the movie 47 Ronin it looks pretty sweet

Warning: trailer has violence do not watch it if you are young or get freaked out by violence. IF you are young have a parent or guardians permission before watching it.

Looks good  remember seeing the trailer at the theaters but it was shorter

Im going saturday to ronin 47:) yeah imma moviefreak

it was on IGN

Whats IGN? Remember that im Dutch :stuck_out_tongue:

I have like 30 free movie passes cuz i spent a lot of money using my scene card so i have them points building up lol.

I should go to the movies this weekend and watch something. 

its a very very popular group they review like every game and stuff the channel

ALso it was hinted on the actors twitter account.

Aah i see well i just cant wait till next year with all Those good movies