My animosity towards Luxknight

I hate him. Wasted a grade booster on my B grade Luxknight to make him grade A, then got an S grade in the egg spin.

Has anyone else had a mishap like this?

all the time

I’ve busted my butt plenty of times to get something, only to get stupid lucky on the egg spin

I actually feel like luxknight isn’t all that. Idk might be just me but I don’t use him in pvp

Its not a bad thing to have 2 luxknight for OM’s and infinite dungeon. IMO he is in the top 5 obtainable in game arks.

Gold egg arks’ grades will be better than what you already have.

The only reason you can find S Luxknight is because you have A Luxknight.

If you only had B rank, most of the time, you will only see A rank.

& yes 2 luxknights never hurt.

Luxknight is pretty meh in general too. Has dece attack power, but he’s light so he’s only really useful against dark.

He’s light means nothing can do effective damage to it.

Even angelbane is not that powerful on it. Totally disagree if you call it meh. Luxknight is the only non-water type ark that is not OHKO by my frillz’s army flame + desert drop in ID.

I knew that if you won an A class in an egg, then the next time you get it in an egg, it would be better.

I didn’t know that it also goes by what you already have.

Yes it goes by what you have (not including what you’ve fed).

So if you have fed an A Luxknight before & you now only have D Lux in your lineups, then you can only find C, best B Luxknight in gold eggs.

Thanks. That’s another thing I’ve learned.

Dat “meh” i dont see how you think that i love luxy =D he is op in my opinion