Mulasem vs Mulasem


endend in Island Challenge like this and I was forced to leave…
ELEM Healing for Mulasem is 3 times but if it dies IS AGAIN 3 times.
We just keep dying reviving and using ELEM healing when low hp.

After 5 minutes of this I was done…
What’s the point of giving him a move usable 3 times when the moment it does an ELEM healing or whatever other move it reset to 3?

It’s an infinite ELEM healing please fix this.


It’s his main gimmick unlimited moves, btw why did you pick mulasem the worst limited legend?

Moreover a Poison legend, and Poison is not that viable in high-level IC…

Yeah totally every monster is a mini boss now

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I gave up after trying for half an hour.

Boy Revive Mula with Atra and Bryn and create a army easy win lol
I drafted both Bryn and Atra but no Mula :cry:

Yep, unfortunately you’re screwed if the enemy has two of the stun cloners in endgame.

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Didin’t pick it revived with the holy cow…

Lmao I like this name for that monster

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