Endless battle

i just battled in the island challenge and the battle became endless because of two moves Life Flip Unlimited and Create Duplicate you know it was long if bloodthirst did over 200000 damage

here is a link for a video proving it (btw i didnt won i quit and the video quality is bad ):

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I guess there is a very ahort window before it get red and use lifeflip let him attack one of your monsters (before that skip all turns) after he kills one with bloodlust u should have 130s+80s to get him down
That’s the only way but since you have elemental disadvantage this might be not enough. Those situations are pretty rare tbh

Unfortunately you can get in a few battles like that. I had the issue with a Oakthulhu versus an Onigeist. It was spamming 100TU dreamhunt and I could only use 100TU dual poison siphon. Each attack healed us a little bit so it never ended.

I had it on ultimate challenge with static using energy charge constantly. It would never attack :grimacing:

I had a saberzor skip on me endlessly . It’s almost like the AI was a badass punk !

Yep happened to me too. Numerous times. Elem healing monsters, life flip unlimited.