Movement while searching for rares

Kind of a dumb question but when searching for rare arkadions in a specific spot, do I have to walk to a new spot and then back to that one over and over and wait to get a battle that way- OR can I just tap the spot I’m already on to battle and possibly find a monster that way? Hope that makes sense! Lol

i want to know this answer as well firend

Just stay on the same spot =D Tap it over and over and you should eventually run into them. I nkow at first it seems odd but you’ll see it eventually.

working on my third hatchling currently doing this same method.

When I’ve been farming for rares it seems that if I find one, and say fail or its lower rank than i want, if I leave and come back I seem to find another fairly quickly a lot of the time. It may be luck or whatever but it has happened to me a lot of times, sometimes 3-4 times in a row. I just go one space away and come back or town n come back and another pops up in a couple fights. 

Yep been doing first hatching for 2days :-((