Random Things....

Balancion event is coming which is complete letdown with crap rewards & giveaway SE or anything else, so who gives a f,

No ultimate challenge since 1.5 month, & counting…

Egg system sucks., Well you can get mythics , 7star legends upgrade, but what about those 7star tickets , yea, we want money so we’ll stay quiet for a bit & then we’ll give more info, big thumbs up to corporate .

Atleast the opportunity to play occult brings some variety but NOPE, we suck at bringing excitement into gameplay, well dungeon is going on so… Yay.

OH, but we have PvP going on, nope there is a serious problem in matchmaking,
Servers at it again… :joy: ( genuine laugh )

But we have update coming , that’ll fix everything up (with a big smile & thumbs up )
But it’s coming at the end of January or start of February, yay.


at least 1 or 2 level ups in balanceon… :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Oooh can’t wait to see it.

So pessimistic again :sweat_smile: I miss one message from you. The game is dying. We are all doomed

I’m not even trying tbh…
That’s why it’s titled random things,

You’re saying this to a guy that’s already farmed to hero rank ~265. I agree though, people love Balancion’s for the level ups and the rewards have been improved now.

I don’t know why UC is delayed but there are lots of events to cycle through so maybe it’s going to come right after DC.

I completely agree about 7* tickets… I’d like to find out how we can get them pretty soon. The longer we have to wait, the more unfair it is on anyone who spends money getting limited mythics.

Correction I’m at 263, must be a glitch if it’s showing 265,
Oh & bdw that was very sarcastic by @Unown ( if you failed to noticed )
Honestly if I wanted to, I would have reached 280 but I’m just deflated by this new egg system & @Z19_Spirals, Hassan, leaving this game :pensive::sob: ,
And there is life before neo. So just pointing out stuff :grimacing:

I did fail to notice :see_no_evil:


Think I would’ve been around 270 if I didn’t stop playing

I think @DanielReus90 got a 7* ticket from 5 scorpion dupes. Hopefully they’re available some other way

Yep he has

How the he’ll you got to 263. You spend gems to gain xp over and over? Because I am playing all events and using my tickets but 40 level different is kind of interesting :joy::joy::joy:

He spends his money on gem refills never eggs

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Also, if the reward for 100th floor was 4 rare gems, I bet everyone would give it all to reach 100 since they raised its difficulty,
& Idk if anyone noticed, during first time attack event, the rewards for all last levels were 2 rare gems but this time it was 1 rare gem,I guess they dont want players to get mythics quite early,

Oh well

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Uh no, that’s not true at all. It was not 2 rare gems.

If it was 2 rare gems devs would be giving out 12 for that event, which was rediculous anyway.

Time attack is already pretty generous with the rares.

I think last 3 or 4 levels had 2 rare as a reward

Can we have a final shortcut battle for 90-100 or 90-95? Make it hard, maybe something like Hordes style final battle for 4th level of diffiulty?

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Nope, or I would have taken note and completed the event when it came around.

I remember specifically noting that the event gave double what the other events typically did. aka 3 vs 6. If it was like 10 rares then I would have had a far greater reaction.

Don’t think you’re remembering right.

Hmmmph i guess my reaction at that time was rather pleasant to see so many rare gems as rewards, I guess you’re right …

Hopefully you can see the rewards easily enough in this screenshot…

So it’s 18x gems and 6x rare gems with some good ingredients too. Achievements for full completion give you an average of +5 gems per event too.

That kind of defeats the point of Dungeon Challenge…