Monster idea: the Commander

I haven’t put this into the Pinned: Monster Ideas thread as it was last updated in this July. I want to see people’s opinions on this concept Ark.

Currently the Berserk Arks are not usable in PVP or PVE because they are too unreliable. The aim of this concept Ark is to make them usable, at least in PVP.

Name: Commander

Type: Humanoid

Element: Elementless

Star: 11

HP, Defence, Resist: Similar to Shadowstalker

Attack: Similar to Magmawyrm/Typhoonwyrm. It won’t be overpowered as Throw will be his only physical offensive skill.

Magic: Low.

Speed: Medium, so that it can’t be used the same way as Shadowstalker.


(1) Shepard (Passive): allows the player to control the Berserk Arks. Once the Commander is defeated, the player will loss control over the Berserk Arks.

(2) Send back (70 TU): send an Ark to the back. The player needs to think strategically when to send back the Berserk Arks before the Commander is defeated.

(3) Throw (250 TU): sacrifice the Ark at the end of the line up to deal high damage. This is to combo with Send back.

(4) Scapegoat (100 TU): target an Ark to be a tank. This is to make the Commander to survive longer.

(5) I want to see people’s opinions on which of the following should be his 4th active skill. At the beginning, he casts Scapegoat. When he is about to die, he casts Send back + Throw. In between, he needs a skill that he can spam:

(5a) Haste (100 TU): this can make the Berserk Arks more deadly, and the Commander can pull off the Send back + Throw combo more quickly.

(5b) Tailwind (50 TU): similar to haste, just in case Haste will make it too imbalanced.

(5c) Weakening shot (200 TU): AOE, lower opponent’s Attack, Magic, Defence and Resist, deals low magical damage. This is from Marspin. I think Weakening shot is a fantastic skill but currently no high-star Ark has got it.

(5d) Plague (100 TU): AOE, slow down the opponents and deal medium damage over time.

(5e) Shockwave (100 TU): AOE, chance to stun for 50 TU, deal low magical damage.

(6) Charisma (Passive): +75 to all stats of team members (or 150 if people think 75 is too low)


This Ark is designed to work with Berserk Arks, but itself is a decent Ark too.

The obvious combo is to put the Commander with Berserk Arks. However, the player needs to think strategically how many Berserk Arks should be put into the team. If there are too many Berserk Arks, the Commander may not survive that long, leaving the remaining Berserk Arks out of control.

This will also allow the Developers to develop more Berserk Arks.




Nobidbane (should not one-shot Commander though).

Elementless attacks e.g. Arkwing (should not one-shot Commander though).

Similar to Dynabird, some people may realise this concept Ark is very similar to a famous game character… :slight_smile:

Love it! :smiley:

I’d say…shepard, tailwind, reinforcements (summons one Private, 150TU), scapegoat, and weakening shot.

This would be too overpowered if it had high-damage. I’d say that it should be kept as a supporting ark.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just curious, why summoning privates? (spaceships or Aliens may be better LOL)

Well yeah high damage and high survivability is a big no no - too imbalanced. I think the damage can be scaled down a bit, but it really needs a way to depose the Berserk Arks in an useful way. That’s why Send back + Throw. But of course comments welcome! :wink:

Firequeens -> Fireworkers

Roidguards -> whatever they’re called.

Commanders -> Privates


LOL :smiley: but why summoning in the first place?

If you search Commander Shepard in Google, you will understand why I said Aliens… :wink:

Love this idea

Oh, I see what you mean.

Anyways…because we have two summoners. One that SUCKS and one that’s good…we have multiple copies of soo many things…a few team-wide no guards…a few multi-metal slashes…more than a few ally/army monsters…but only one decent summoner.

Very awesome idea! It’d add a whole new aspect to PvP and it’s not too unbalanced and once titan is released it will be even better! For the last useable move i think it should be plague, because once he is out of berserks to throw he can make the other team slower and die not only setting your opponents at a number disadvantage if used correctly but at a stat advantage too! He is a great way to plow through some good strategies if you’re willing to sacrifice some of your own as well (throwing the berserks)

I really hope this gets implemented, such a great idea! :slight_smile: