💭 Monster Design Ideas Mega Thread 💭

Name: Uriel the Divine
Max Cost:15
Stats: Full Defence
85 speed

Pure Cure(80 TU)

Heavenly Justice(130 TU) : Deals critical damage if an enemy has a kill or is of Demon Type. Ignores HG and Shields.

Holy Reviver(100 TU) 2 uses: Revives the last monster that died with 50% Hp and puts a Shield on it on Entrance.

Angelic Blessing(160 TU): Fully heals, purifies and puts stealth on all allies

Secret Skill : Swift Elem Accelerate(30 Tu)

Supreme Being: The user has Immunity to Stun, Sleep and Poison. If there are at least 2 Holy/Angelic allies then the user has Camouflage.

Defence against Dark Arts: When a Shadow/Demon type enemy kills an ally, there’s a 50% chance that the ally is revived immediately with 50% HP. Each monster can be revived by this skill once.


Rejected, not waifu wount sell

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Thats why its a Legendary and not a Mythic🙃


Remember Guardian angel is Gabrielle passive and there is a monster with Divine punishment already, it kills all monsters that have a skill to revive monsters, apart from that i like it

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Thanks for the info
Didn’t remember those
I’ll edit the names

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Just starting a new thing on yt, where i will just spin a wheel to get random elements, types and rarity to create new monster designs, this was the first one. Element was fire, type was robotic and rarity was legendary, i am not so good at robotic stuff but i like how it turned out, will post the process soon


dude this looks great,i love this.

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:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Tav - i can’t do robots.

Also Tav - does cool af robots.

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This looks great.

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This one was harder, i got element- storm, type- humanoid and rarity- super epic, i notice that the super epic humanoids are male so i just made another one


The process


A cybergirl. Hair is made of long electric wires. Color scheme of her cyber armor is black and white only, like Yin Yang. Her long hair is half black and half white, like from the singer Sia. Each of her foot are not humanly but instead a pointed metal blade/spear/sword.

She holds a big harp or a big lyre, with strings that are not made of gut or wire but instead made of an array of binary codes.

New Symbol: code 0 and 1. The icons look like the binary codes in movies.

0 >> 1 : the values can be removed if the target is attacked or affected by status skills from the opposing team (not allies). each attack or effect can remove 1 layer of code value only… ex. monster with code value 0 should be attacked or effected once to have the value removed and monster with code value 1 should be attacked or effected twice.

Skill 1: Binary Code (100s)
» this skill applies a random code across the battlefield. the value is either 0 or 1. it can only be used if there is no enemy with a current tagged value. every code value will disappear once this monster dies or leaves the battlefield.

Skill 2: Dissonance Strike (100s)
» this skill unleashes damage to a target that do not have a code value of 0 or 1. it ignores revenge and revival of the target.

Skill 3: Harmony Strike (100s)
» this skill unleashes damage to an enemy that have the same value of code with this monster. this can never be redirected. it can only be used if this monster have a code value of either 0 or 1.

Skill 4: Extra Code (100s)
» this skill adds a code value on every monster in the battlefield (none » 0 » 1). anyone can only reach a maximum code value of 1. this skill also gives this monster the highest code value of 1.

SS: Uniform Strike [1] (100s)
» this skill deals lethal damage to every enemies if they all have the same code value after the skill “Binary Code” or “Extra Code” was used. it increases in damage for every code value that the enemy team have. if they all have the maximum code value of 1, they will all immediately die. it ignores stealth status, hold ground and shield.

Passive: Cyber Security
» this monster never sleeps and if stunned by an enemy, shall immediately rebirth in its position with full health. it will absorb any stun effects from all enemies too as long as there is no teammate with a stun skill.

Passive: Perfect Codes
» both this monster and anyone that is currently tagged with a code value are continuously healed every turn. this monster also have the passive skills Hold Ground and Perfect Stance.

monster of code value 0 heals by 10HP.
monster of code value 1 heals by 100HP.

we already have the perfect cybergirl nulltron


Hahaha this is a cybergirl that does not explode :flushed:


lol those 2 passives are like 5 different passives.

It’s power creep. Get in the loop of things Jerblypz