Monster Deletion

The monster deletion screne is a bit glitchy. It sometimes adds in monsters that arent in your collection, leading you to delete others, and represents one with another. Lost a few monsters because of this. Might want to be more careful in the future deleting monsters.

How do you even delete monsters? I have looked everywhere for the option and cannot find it. Caught two of the same one by mistake.

Go to the screen with “Edit Teams”, “Add Training Sessions”, “Evolution & Awaken”, etc. Look in the bottom right and you’ll see “Delete Monsters”.

Be VERY CAREFUL using it. Make sure you have only selected the monsters you want to delete before confirming.

Is there any good reason to delete a monster?

If you catch multiple copies of the same monster from the islands or online missions dungeons. There’s not really any need for multiples except for a few monsters which are used as ingredients.

@Dev_VKC made me delete a legendary just the other day