modo espectador PVP

look, I want to propose a suggestion to see what the community thinks and then if it is possible to transmit the idea to the developers, the question is what happens to us many times when we play pvp, that is, when someone decides to do a good battle of the that all are pending and many times it is common to ask for a capture to see what happened, but I think it would be a good idea to make a spectator mode, an example where code is created and join the game is also put one that is spectator mode so that one or more people entering the code there can see the game in real time without the need to record it or take captures, with today’s advances I think it would not be very complicated I know about computer science and programming and I know that it is not impossible and I think it would be a great development for this game and one more way to enjoy it, I hope to hear what you think of my suggestion.


Personally I’d say this would be a waste of the Devs’ time. It’s already very easy for people to stream their mobile on Twitch for people to watch them playing live. DonT89 has done this in the past.

The only way I can see it being worth implementing is if it doesn’t require codes to be passed around. In the PvP/online menu you’d have the option to start sharing your game screen + microphone sound (your speech). In that same place people would be able to see a list of everyone currently streaming and choose one to watch. You’d probably also need live chat from viewers implemented too.

However, the problem with that is it’s a lot of work just to properly integrate streaming into the game when streaming is already available via Twitch. Also, with streaming someone’s voice and having live, unfiltered chat it may be something that pushes up the age rating of the game in the App store. So I highly doubt the Devs would want to do it.

ok I appreciate your opinion