How many are there? And what time zones are they in?

Awww what you don’t want to click thought ten pages lol. It sucks

Not really lol. I live in Asia and I guess at least the Americas have all been asleep.

The spam just seems to stay up a long time.

Not sure why an anti spam login hasn’t been implemented yet?

I see for a while too live is California and work nights.

where in asia?

There are only two active mods and Ryan that clean up the spam


Yup only myself, Blixtya, and Ryan are in charge of the forums. I myself live in Scotland and we do our absolute best to destroy spam as and when it arrives but they are relentless.
I believe the company is in contact with their server hosts to organize and implement ways to reduce the spam but until then I do apologize for the hassle.

I wasn’t trying to imply you are doing a bad job or anything, so if it came across that way at all I do apologize.

I appreciate you guys all have outside commitments and what not and can’t check everything constantly.

Even something where you could flag something to notify a mod of a problem could be a big help, if it’s not there already… but I guess that’s somthing that could also be abused.

Hopefully something can be sorted out soon as I feel people see it all and just leave until it’s all gone.

Not at all, didn’t get that feeling from your post at all :slight_smile: When you see spam, all I can really suggest is avoiding it as it is very clear to us as soon as we log in that there is lots of it (first thing we check). That being said, in regards to the quoted text, there is a report button at the bottom right of every post which alerts us and has a big notification in the top corner of our screen so we know for sure.

Obviously some spam or posts against the forums Terms of Service, occasionally can slip by (nobody’s perfect) so we really appreciate people taking the time to report such posts.

Well I just want to say thank you for all the thing you two do for us. I don’t mind the spam popping up from time to time. I just like to have a little fun. I am sorry for my spammy post with the spam was just bored and could not sleep so was just having a little fun. Thank you so much kilted cobra and blizty.

I think it’s recurring with this particular site, another forum I went on (using the exact same site) had these issues and had to relocate to a different host, same went with the Linus Tech Tips site.