@admin clean up the spam

Pretty obvious I know but on the off chance they get buried some Chinese bot has spammed adverts for something. I would say what it is but I don’t speak mandarin.

Can you delete them please? They’re clogging up the front page.

We need new moderates to stop this stuff I’ve asked Ryan to make me one since I’m on the forum everyday and are moderates are barely active anymore so this stuff wouldn’t happen

Korean. Not Chinese

I tried translating it I couldn’t do it its probs just jibber jabber of a player
It’s Korean for international casino

I bet there’s better odds of winning in that Korean casino than getting a legendary :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s been cleared

I don’t think it’s common enough to warrant major action against it in the future. Although I’m not disagreeing with having more moderators, there don’t seem to be that many.

Also thanks to whoever cleaned it, it’s appreciated

There is not much need for them and it’s good that it was cleared up so thankyou to who ever did it but most of the old mods have left so we need one or two more just so the few left don’t have to always be logging on to check every time on the one off chance this or worse things happen