military to just a test

night as… He… And Bye)))


I agree. Forum is dead. Mods and admins aren’t even here anymore. Game is boring.

I too wonder what the point here is?

Also, just because we dont post a lot doesnt mean we arent checking the forum. :slight_smile:

Honestly not surprised, same thing happened with hunter island. I visited the site a couple times maybe a year ago and it was just flooded with spam posts that no one was doing anything about.

is blixtiya a dev?


I only see mods post here no devs even bother posting here…

thats because the devs have a gaming company to work on. they are actually on the rorum fairly often, but mainly to answer mails.

does anyone really believe that they don’t have the time to write like 2 paragraphs in a day to respond here?

They are working I’m pretty sure they are pretty busy most of the time for us it’s a game for them it’s s job

There is absolute no need for this thread as it is very clearly repeating the same conversation over and over again.

The devs have their reasons on how busy they are, and that’s all that should really need to be said. You have to remember that yes although the devs spend much time working on this game, they also have families and social lives outside of this game and work, and cannot be expected after a long day of working, to sacrifice that downtime on the forum for said game. A forum in which, they see conversations like this painting them in a bad light by a minority who do not appreciate the work this takes.

As this conversation spawned from a clearly spammy post, I will be locking the thread.