Mistletorment Mystic Pros & Cons

Overview Update

Mistletorment is not a “bad” monster. Just underwhelming. It’s not well rounded like titan, it’s purely just good as a protector. My rating would be an A on the legendary scale. I have no other mythics to compare it against but based upon what I’ve seen, it’s the most underwhelming of them all.

Requires 2 protect killer moves to get to hg
Slows cyclo and shadow fl’s by one move
Desperate chomp surpasses hold ground so can be used almost like a more powerful higher tu finishing snap.

Gets to hg by:
Sear chrono
Hellfox double retribution
All blood single charge moves except for thunder types

Shield self doesn’t make sense for this monster
Can’t abuse desperate chomp with tt.
Countered harshly by:
poison ie: if poisoned, only moves it can use are 168tu desperate chomp and AOE. - overwatch is disabled and shield is useless

Auto protect feels like a 50/50 chance at protecting. If not worse. Maybe my rng luck is just terrible.
Slow so normally it dies before it can even make a move.
Can be stunned

It’s a combination of sloth and titan without the stun immunity and sweeping move of sloth and the ability to support with purify like titan.

I feel like it took the worst of both monsters. It still is very tanky and makes for a decent protector because of hg, but compared to other mythics I’ve seen, it is by far the worst. If it was a legend, I would understand.

I’m only speaking for pvp. I don’t play pve. It might be a strictly pve monster.

It would be obnoxious to suggest a buff right now as I’m the only one who has a playing opinion at this point, although I do suggest a rework. I can understand as the first mythic, they wanted to test the waters and didn’t want a big power creep but I would easily choose titan over this monster because it can support better and it can be used as a sweeper. Not worth the 15 cost.

I honestly need help team building around this monster. The only good thing about this so far that I can see is that it survives 3 protect killer attacks.

Other than that, poison destroys it, it still gets one shotted by charged bloodmoves and it’s slow.

Idk if this is unpopular or popular opinion but titanmammoth does the job better and with less cost.

So please, suggest monsters team builds below.

I’ve tried aura, shiva, fl, mid game, gt monsters.

I’ve learned for this monster to be viable so far, you need a purifying mist or purify monster and of course a stun absorber or counter.

That’s 3 monsters already along side it to make it work unless I’m overlooking something. I’m trying to get a team that will work before pvp ends. Open to any and all suggestions. For those who don’t know me, I have quite a bit of legends I can pull from and if not I can substitute so just throw out some ideas. Thanks!



i thought you’ll gonna be like majority if monster seems weak “DEV PLEASE BUFF!”
and instead you asking for team combination, nice nice

i don’t have him, but i think mistletorment good point is his high def and good place for him is FL
i don’t see any way to make him the key monster, he is more like a support monster
maybe u should focus how to make mistletorment can supporting your offensive monster
this is my opinion tho, sry can’t give you exact team combination

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Hes a support, he wont carry you.

Him plus 3 stun immues (1 of the GT or TT) seems good to me. Heals as well.

Also shiva + lion/leo + oak

I don’t want it to be a offensive destroyer type ,
But rather it should provide support , and even with auto protect it rarely protects,
And as told by thaiger, posion stops it,

By comparison sloth is so better, & titan is of course the cheaper version you can use.

Idk what to suggest to make it better but it needs some improvement.

Its unique move is worse than titanmammoth. It cannot keep the critical dmg because of recovering hp.

What seems to work alot is having auto protectors next to each protecting 2 sweepers and tt. I found that to be the most useful strategy right now because if they somehow mange to kill ur tt you get two auto protectors at the same time and it be devastating.

As for the two sweepers in fl, dusc works really well as he gives shield to each new auto protector and has not problem killing when you need him, as for the other sweeper you want something with a low tu move and able to kill off opponet chrono users. Low tu move is used to finish of oppoents on holding ground so you dont waste too much tu
(new dolp works well for this job) (other monsters such as bb and razien also do a good job).

As for this monster i would place him 6th spot because at 5th spot you need croc for this team as he is essential to it 7th spot you need any protector with stun absorb. With this placement you guarantee you could not get stunned.

Thank y’all for the suggestions. Unfortunately, I don’t have dusc. And y’all are right about tt being useless. He heals so can’t be a sweeper and shield is countered by so many things that it’s uselss. Shield and overwatch is a redundant combo because they are countered by the same stray. Hg and shield does the same job and excessive force or anything similar will push through it. I will try the stun immune team setup. It sets up dolph so I can’t have a tt without another protector. Especially with a lot of dolph fl’s floating around.

Shiva and lion, add in extra sweeper and you’re good.

Update. I’ve been using it best on the fl. It slows down cyclo and shadow fl’s by one move. No stun protection, just tt. Galva and Zeus for fast clear in case it dolph pops up.

Quite frankly shiva is my favaorite character and I use him quite a bit, but it doesn’t work really well in the meta any more.

Excessive force, wall breaker, piercing strike, poison. These are fl’s and general game strategies that are shutting down this hard. If I purify, I can’t hp share and that normally kills mistletoe. I will continue to try with shiva but as of now I’m having luck with the above fl.

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I updated the top if you guys want to give me your opinions.

I dont know about fl. Seems to me a bad idea.

In fl i would include sloth because he wastes stun pluse from galva null, and tanks 2 attacks from shadow most of the time. +he can take out any monster in the game regarding its defense and element.

He also sometimes tanks gyomarui and blocks bb in fl

You can slow shadow / cyc FL with a diamondoid which cost only 1, instead of 15+. So i wouldnt use it in FL to slow stuff out. He seems better in mid game IMO. Like after a TT with entrence control before. You can still abuse him with TT to just overwatch, he will get his turn again eventually while still being able to protect more shots. So its better then titanmoth

Right. As far as the fl, diamond is great for ret teams but not all players use the cyclo and shadow fl so that’s why I’ve been using him in fl. I’ve been putting him in my main team in mid game to see how he does.

Honestly. He doesn’t protect over half the time. He’s out of my teams until devs can rework him. He sucks more than my legends.


I just had a buff idea for Mistle… make desperate chomp heal by “300%” of damage dealt. Basically so it fully heals when getting a kill. Also, give it “full defence” stats: increases defence and reduced attack. It doesn’t need to have good attack so better to make it a stupidly tanky monster that can take many hits to kill because with HG + overwatch + desperate chomp fully healing it you’ll need to attack through all the health again.

Doing a complete rework of the moveset may not be necessary. It’s good if it can be made to work how originally designed.

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Buff idea for mistletorment: his original moveset :wink:

You know what I mean @Dev_VKC

Auto taunt anyone?

Good idea love it and shield self is useless too and dont fit on overwhatch+desperate chomp style could be replaced by purify or puryfying stealth
Is is a"mythic DC could also have a tu reduction to 130-160

This will make it not just mythic level but godly

He need to lose shield self and get aomething usefull. Both shield and overwatch get countered by poison, why would i choose shield over overwatch then? I eant to get to red health to use his attack move afterall.

Give him purifying mist instead of shield.