MI Question

Herro everyone! I was just wondering, if we transfer our monsters from HI, will they still be in HI? Because I don’t wanna lose my 3 best monsters from HI D: And besides, what harm would it be letting them stay, just somehow programming it so that you can’t transfer the same monster again, e.g.: cryowyrm cryowrm cryowyrm sent multiple times

I would think they would be kept ._.  If they do get deleted…that’s not cool guys…not cool.

we have this covered Kitty  :wink:

Well then, I need to look it up. I either missed the thread or have a terrible memory, or both. Lol.

we have this covered =  you won’t lose them in HI :slight_smile:

its like copy and pasting something, when you copy and paste it doesn’t get rid of the original unless you delete it manually

will all the monsters from HI be able to be transfered to MI because i really want to bring my gremknight



How will this actually work? Will you actually have to own the arkadion in Hunter Island in order to bring it over, and then the MI app will connect to the HI app, or will you give us some sort of code so we can just pick or what?

I’m pretty sure they already  covered this, and I’m pretty sure it’s a code

yup, its a code that’s tied to your device. so you have to own the monster in HI to generate the code. 

Oh, okay. Must’ve missed it. Or forgot.

Thanks for your answers. :slight_smile:

I have a quick question for MI

Or rather a suggestion… Well you know how people pretty much leave hunter island after the story is completed or after they got good at pvp right? Well maybe if the story never really “ended” it could help. Like if you have a monster, you are always looking for a better one, better grade. (I really think you should make s ranks much rarer, possibly more than hatchling grade so people are actually excited when they see one not “meh”). Now many people would be against this. I get it. Those are the people that want every pokemon shiny in their pokedex and won’t stop till they get them. This extremely rare s rank could be the same Trading value(if there is trading) as a octoneer or rarer. With this rarity there is always a better ark to look for. You aren’t stuck at the end of the game with all the best arks, that would be statistically impossible. Also, will there be customizable skill sets? I think this could add a lot of depth to strategy. And like always, cosmetic changes for trade value

^ I honestly don’t agree with your grade idea. I just want the grades to be scraped all together. What would be really cool though is if they made specially colored versions of the monsters, so it is cool and fun like shinies, just the shinies don’t have an advantage. Like in pokemon. Basically they are just for bragging. Customizable moves would be really cool though.

Imo, I would love shiny ( or just different coloured) monsters to appear in this game, but i am 7000% against custom movesets, i like the set movesets that each monster gets

also, the grades could provide extra trading value, so you would have to trade to get best rank. currently in hunter island the chance for an s rank is too high. in every ten battles i am finding at least one s rank, their rarity is not worth anything.

I’m on the fence when it comes to grades, but I definitely want custom movesets. That would add so much depth and strategy it’d be awesome.


U understand Kook. U understand. Wouldn’t custom moves sets just be the best? It would open up so much strategy opportunities, and make your arks be more like, “your own” so to say, rather then having a carbon-copy of everyone else whom owns that arkadion.

I’m still against custom movesets… please guys, keep it how its always been