Question for the Admins

I was just wondering if there is going to be any other opportunities in the future to transfer from HI, I know for a fact that there are many veteran players that missed the opportunity the first time it was presented and would like to get the chance to transfer at least one of their mons from HI.

Sadly they told someone no. They said it was hard to do.

It would require updating HI to write a second transfer code. That’s hard to do. No wait, we already did that once. Neo Monsters would need to read that code and gift a monster. That’s hard to do. No wait, we already did that once. We can do it again but what’s in it for us?

They could lazily do things with Similar effect and we’d be happy. A Christmas exclusive legendary. Bam. Appeases us.

Each online monster we’ve got so far is an epic, so I highly doubt it. If they do release a legendary event, I’m suspicious that it’ll be incredibly hard and you can’t get a legendary without several already

I mean if you value your customer base satisfaction you wouldn’t be asking a question like that but hey I guess that seems to be the case based on your tone.