Messed up line-up


Couple of minutes ago i started an PvP battle and at first my line-up was normal. But when i got to the middle it stappen with the end. My Don Pen was now in the middle and the arcadions which i had in the middle were now at the end.

When i lost the battle, (opponents Don Pen used showdown 3 times in a row, does that seems right, i checked my line-up and it was ‘normal’.

Happend this to someone else?


This happens when your enemy “scrambles” your team.

Mechadino, chopperbug, and others use this skill. You can tell if someone scrambled your team because your screen should have “shook,” like an earthquake.

That explains it. Thank you!

Not a problem! If you have any further problems, don’t hesitate to ask/report it.