Maximilian Pegasus invites you to the King of Duelists Tournament!

Hello stranger. I havent even heard you enter. Do you know who I am? No? I see you are not a man of culture and wisdom. My name is Maximilian Pegasus and I am the Host of what will be known as the greatest tournament this forum has ever seen.

Oh, you want to enter? Not so fast young man. Let me explain the rules to you first. By the way? Can I have some wine? I’m already bored talking to you.

Perfect. Cheers to you my friend. Oh, you want to know whats wrong with my eye? You will find out soon enough. Where did I stop? Ah yeah, the rules:

There will be 16 spots for the tournament. 12 spots will be reserved for the best and finest players this game has to offer. If you want to participate you need to own one of the following icons proving you are a man who knows how to play this game:


Achieve 1st place in a ranked PvP leaderboard 2


Achieve 2nd-10th in a ranked PvP leaderboard 3


Achieve top 50 in fifteen ranked Ultimate Challenge leaderboards 15


Achieve top 50 in twenty ranked Ultimate Challenge leaderboards


Reward for 100 win streak in the Showdown Tower event 5


Reward for beating 100 floors in the Dungeon Challenge event 6

If you own at least one of these Icons and want to participate in the tournament please send a photo of your account name with the icon activated + friend code to the account @Pegasus My staff will take care of your application.

As I said there are 12 spots and I will keep the list up to date:

But since I have a soft spot in my heart for the for the poor and simple people, there are also 4 spots left for people who dont meet the above mentioned requirements. I’m too generous, I know.


If you want to apply for those Category B spots please send a Category B application to @Pegasus with your accounts name + the friend code. Once the application process is completed there will be a try out tournament held. The four players who survive this tournament will be allowed to participate in the main tournament.

List of Category B applications:

(can be continued if necessary)

So how to continue from here? Well, if you are familiar with the king duelist concept you should know how this will continue. All players have the task to move around in the kingdom of duelists and fight other players. In our case this means you have to play PvP Season 30. Please play as many games as necessary to reach 60 wins. When you have reached 60 wins, send a screenshot of your winrate to @pegasus.

All players will be ranked by their winrate after 60 wins. The tournament will then switch into a Play-off mode where the player ranked no 1 with the highest winrate will face the player with lowest winrate ranked 16. No2 will face No15, No3 will face 14 and so on. I think even you will understand how this works. Of course special rules will be applied to those battles so you will need sublime team building skills to reach the next round.


I am very busy so my time is limited. I need to continue reading this very important and complicated book. I will reach out to you people again as soon as we enter the playoff stage. I will also announce the luxurious rewards at this point. For any further questions please dont bother me, please contact my staff @Pegasus

See you soon



Ah damn, this sounds like a lot of work

Wow I love this. But I’m not eligible for this
anyways I will apply for category b

I will lead the uprising of the low IQ peasants!

I’m getting nostalgic of yu-gi-oh.The cringe of playing cards to death.
Anyway unfortunately I can’t come due to exams

got 4 of those icons, but i am more interested in the lore of this tournament xD
end up reading everything and i thought it’s funny and interesting


This is the second best thing I’ve ever seen on this forum, second only to the Ejaculator Seat meme


New Dungeon Challenge icon also works right?

It’s basically a tournament of 16 people where 12 people are either had top ten in pvp or complete dungeon challenge or showdown tower or get atleast 15 top 50 ranked UC

Basically those are for veterans and they take 12 spots out of 16.The remaining 4 spots are for those who don’t have any of those above so to decide which 4 can participate in that theyll have to first get to the tournament for 8 players and to get there you have to get 60 wins totally in the next PvP season and have a winrate high enough to get to the 8 player tournamentand

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Please send me a message if you want to apply for Category B

Yes, Sir! This would be enough for a Category A application :slight_smile:

We would be happy to have you join the tournament

The Garcia Icon doesn’t qualify for entry? This tournament is trash


I have silver UC icon as my profile photo. So I am eligible right?

yoooo thats pegasus from YU GI OH :heart_eyes:
btw where is jaden yuki ?

Does this mean @Anne cant join since she isn’t a man?


Can’t we know the rewards before signing up? To know if it worths the time and effort? @Guesswhosback @Pegasus



Anna = Mr X

A = 1
N = 14

ANNA = 30

M = 13
R = 18

X = 24

MR X = 55

Anna has stated she is 25 years old. 55-30 = 25